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Thinking of heading to Jones Lake to do some troll fishing (electric motor).
New to fishing here in BC. Does anyone know if there are any restrictions out there. Gonna take my 4 year old son and hope to help him land his first "big one", so I hoping I have chosen the right place.
We live in Delta and will head out around 6:00am and hope to be on lake around 8:00am.
Any insights to this lake and or maybe something better that is closer for a 14' aluminum with electric motor is greatly appreciated.
If this is our spot that we head too, we will leave a report of how the day went.
Cheers all

Jones Lake?

Willow Leaf + wedding band.


Why "Jones Lake?" with the question mark oddmud?

Are you not familiar with it, or wondering why i am heading there?
Just interested if it is a decent spot myself...I am going because reports on it look promising and the scenery looks incredible...
Any and all thoughts are appreciated.

Jones is a very beautiful lake that fishes well at this time of year. A willow leaf/wedding band combo, as oddmud said, will get you some fish.

Good Luck!

Thanks Baitfisher (and oddmud). Looks like we will head to it Saturday and bake in the heat!
Any idea as to depth or location this time of year, or just troll the whole thing? I am sure we can locate good spots if they are to be had, but any secret holes is always appreciated!

As well, I got a new 8 1/2' rod with a level line spooler with 12lb test, but have willow leafs and a double wedding band on about a 24" leader...IS this a good setup do you believe?
Thanks all for any and all is greatly appreciated as I am a good common sense novice that is willing to learn new techniques.

A fish finder definately makes it easier to find fish but after you troll around for a bit, I'm sure you'll find, the good spots! About your reel, I think that 12 pound test might be a little overboard, but I think it will be fine if you use either a 4 or 6 pound leader. Another hint, I've always found single wedding bands to do better, but that just may be me lol. Good colours include black, dark green, and dark red or pink. And don't forget to put a chunk of worm on!

Yep, like the others say, a willowleaf and wedding band will get at least one every time, I use an 8 ntf ugly stick with a spins cast reel, and 6# mainline with a light willow leaf and single wedding band, stay away from heavy flashers like ford fenders, youll drag the fish around with out even knowing its on the line, were not talking monsters here, but having said that we pulled a 3 lb er out of there on the Sept long weekend. Oh and I would say, stick to a green wedding band, and definately dont forget the worms...lots of them, little buggers can strip them faster off your hook than you can believe., cause the amount of hits youll get with out a worm is probably less than 50% of what youll get than with one.I like a product called GUlp, fake worms, these trout lovem, and you dont have to worry about them

Thanks baitfisher...I thought it was a little heavy too, but I bought and asked to be spooled with 8lb line and when I returned it was done with 12...never was charged for the line, so I figure i'll try it and if it doesn't work, I will pull it off and rewind lighter.
I am already into my gear this week for over a grand, so the toys like fishfinders and such will have to wait unless I want my divorce sooner as opposed to
As for worms, you bet I will be trying them on the hook. And will take your advice if I don't start getting strikes on the double wedding band..then I will switch back to a single one (which by the way is the only one I've used up till this newest purchase of the doubles)
Cheers...the anticipation is killing me..I have told my wife I want to get going 4:00am Saturday on the lake by 6:30am hopefully.

thanks bcguy, I will have that in my tackle box as well ready to try out. PLan on being out there 6-8 hours, so I will try all your advices group.
You folks rock for advice...
can't wait to let you know how it turns out!

Typical of what you'll get in Jones, and one of the larger ones too

Typical fish at Jones

Hey BCguy, I know the rainbow in the pic, but what is the other fish you are holding??

One, very old, very beat-up rainbow, the poor guy was on his last legs(?), but the biggest fish I have ever caught out of this lake. Most are little scrappers, but there are definately some 3 lb'ers down there. I think the best time to fish this lake is in May, or not too soon after ice off, the Cutthroat attack almost anything that looks like a meal, and THEY are getting large in this lake now, as well as the Kokanee, Mmmmm..delicious Kokanee..., but I digress, the Kokanee are or have now spawned, so if you want to try for the Kokanee, definately spring or very early summer.

So the kokanee and cutthrout are no good to keep anymore??
Again, a novice fisherman, and with so many types out there, it is tough to know whether it is worth tryin to catch a couple for a meal or not.
Any info on keeping fish for food this time of year is appreciated.

Well, more than likely, the Kokanee won't be biting,
I never seem to catch them after the Aug long weekend(but I'm sure there are exceptions to that) I find the Cutthroat to be more active in the spring, followed by kokanee, the into the rainbow during summer.
I suspect, but never been there to confirm, the Cutthroat fishing probably heats up again before ice up, trying to fatten up for winter. There is a size restriction on the retention of rainbow and cutthroat, they must be min 16" to keep, and only (2) per day.

AAaaaaand... yes they are good eating

Thanks BCguy, you've been a wealth of info for me on this trip...I really hope I can put it to good use and snag a couple of the bigguns and do you proud!
One more question if I could (yeah right, followed by another, and another etc) the road running down the side of the lake. It looks like you can park half way down in a dirt pullout (that's what it looks like on google maps anyhow). Is it alright to use that area, as I want to fish the middle down to the south part of the lake, and using an electric motor for the first time, so unsure how much juice I have, so would love to launch partway down...
Any and all insights are of course rediculously appreciated.

You can go to that area. It is actually a big sandy beach. You will have to go through a couple small cross ditches so a little bit of clearence is needed. With my experience at that lake which is almost every weekend is the entire right hand side of the lake is great fishing so no real need to go to far. I also use willowleaf plain hook and worm. Works everytime.

Thanks Sreeb, so you mean the launch side of the lake is the primary good side?
And by excellent fishing do you mean keepers or action...while we want lot's of action (as I hope my young fella gets to finally have a fish on his line) we want some fish for a nice Sunday afternoon bbq as well.
As well, since it is only 2 per person that have to be over 16", does this mean 2 for my wife, 2 for me and 2 for my 4 year old son?
I know this is probably wishful thinking on my part, but you never know if we hit some great strikes...

Thanks again sreeb...I already have our rods geared with willow leaf and wedding bands, so will switch one off to just hook and worm if we don't see any action...thanks for the great insight!

I have only been there twice but have cought 2 rainbows around 13 inches. I had no luck with wedding bands but the fish were cought on a frog flatfish and a small rainbow kastmaster trolled slowly


I always fish the side opposite the big sandy beach which is across the lake from the main boat launch and the cabins. Most of the fish are getting to be 2 lbs. Good luck

I am thinking of going to Jones Lake this weekend. Not sure of the road condition to the lake. I have a minivan with a boat on a trailer. Can I make it to the lake?? How bad is the road. I've heard people saying you need a 4x4.
Is it.

Well Fishbalu. I will say it is a road to remember. While I believe it to passable with a 2 wheel drive towing a boat, I won't say you will not be into some tricky spots. If you are experienced driving off road routes, you should be fine...but if you are new to these type of roads with steep inclines and potentially wet slippery gravel, you may want to rethink your joureny.
It is a tough slow road at best with a tough climb, but good are you on this terrain?? Are you comfortable with the odd scraaaaapppe, cause if you are low to the will get a couple....
Otherwise well worth the trip, great fishing, great scenery...
Maybe we'll see you there on Saturday if you make it!!!!

Thanks chevy55 for the info on the road to the lake. I have been through these terrain before with quite a few close call. I have a new minivan and eventhough I do not personally mind a few scraches, I am not ready to face the music from the old lady if I ever come home with a couple of ugly scratches :-))
Thanks again


I will be heading up to jones lake this weekend also. Looking at the regs, there is no boating restrictions so I'm assuming gas motor is ok (I have electric for trolling)? Does anyone know how deep it is? Should I use downriggers? If so, how deep?

I've been going to jones lake since I was 5 years old. I love this place but I've never used a boat there so I'm not sure what to expect.


No worries fishbalu...I went there again on Tues (as we left some rods there, and they were gone of course)went to see if I could find thing I noted was the disgrace of garbage left by partiers.
I am not against having beers and a bonfire, but c'mon guys, it was disgusting!!
As for your question Zenyo, no regs so gas and electric are okay, but as for downriggers, it isn't that deep right now...we lost a couple gang trolls last weekend!
Maybe it would work in the middle (as I am not very experienced up there) but my guess would be not needed. If I stayed toward the middle of lake (deep section) a weight seemed to get down enough to get some good hits. But again, I am new to this and this is my knowledge from last weekend.
If anyone thinks you need to get deeper for bigger fish, please reply as I would be interested in knowing how much weight and where to try going deeper.
I was out about 80-90 pulls, so around 130ft, and it was rare that I got that much out before I got hits...but the litle uns like to nibble on the way down!!

Thanks for the tips...

Are they still charging for the camp sites up there?

Didn't camp, so I am unsure...pretty nice spot though for camping, so if it only a couple bucks, well worth it!

there is no charge this year for camping

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