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was quite heavy today for pinks as well as sturgeon action. sturgeon were on the pink schools jumping and splashing after them. lots of pinks and schools were very large.



Nice fish el nino are those sea lice toward the tail? Haven't fished Salmon except out in the open water, and don't think any had them...
Just interested...I assume they are no issue to the fish from an eating standpoint!
Take care

I hope you didn't floss them!! they might shut the whole river down.I'm sure you will be accused of that shortly.Nice fish I really don't care about flossing!Just Curious what kind of set up just don't say floss because some people on this forum are strongly against it.oh yeah just joking about shutting the whole river down.Heard that complaint too.Anyways Cheers Good pinking what ever method.

Nice fish man, looking coloured up a bit but I'm sure they'll be fine for smoking or barbquing or whatever you intend to do with them lol. Anyways, on the previous post, why would anyone need to floss pinks? I have been out the previous 4 days up and down the river and did not see 1 person flossing pinks. (btw we got 120 fish this weekend) Now I do understand that there are probably some people that do floss these fish, but isn't it easier just to use a spoon or spinner? Everyone I saw was either fishing like that or fly fishing so I dont't think we need to worry about this guys catch lol

I don't understand why people floss. pinks are easier enough to catch so he probably didn't do it. I think that peopel shouldn't be taking many pinks. more catch and releasing should be going on. this year ive released many pinks. I think peopel should only keep two any more tahn two is kinda dumb. Pinks don't stay in teh freezer and keep good for taht long. they are best on teh barbeque or smoked. more catch and release should happen. females.

I agree with fishinforlife. Fish should get released more often.
120 fish this past weekend? Thats a little much eh? How many people split that catch up I wonder. Sounds a little like over fishing.

thanks for the comments. yes chevy those are sea lice.they are common on fish fresh from the ocean. i only fish for salmon in the lower river. Flossing???why?why??when they bite spinners and lures. I usually give my fish away to families or neigbors. i don't limit out all the time as i throw many back. the run this year should last until the end of next week so get out there

PS. a fellow was caught and handed a ticket today for using a treble hook barbs pinched on his pink zzinger.its illegal so don't use it on the fraser.pinched barbs or not.

use these as they are very successful.

Fishn4Fun, I lol that you would even think that we would keep that many fish. If you just have to know, we kept 2, thats right 2. I barely keep fish on the Fraser. If they are even a little green,they go straight back lol. Why do some people assume that some people keep everything they catch? Anyways, think a little bit before you go start making accusations lol.
BTW, el-nino2010, I see one of my favourite lures....

BaitFisher, think a little yourself before you click on "submit". You said nothing of releasing any fish. And I can only asume someone who can catch 120 fish will be keeping more than they're supposed to.

I don't think 120 fish where put back into the river. Are you sure you didn't kill any or take them? i bet you took more than you could eat.

the guy who got a fine for using a triple hook and pinched down the barbs got a fine ? was he fishing in fresh or tidal water , i was using a triple hook today at brownsville and a couple peolpe noted to me that fisherman are not allowed to use treble hooks . But if you look at page 10 07-09regulations book tidal it sais treble and single barbless hooks are acceptable .does anyone know this yet? because i havent seen one guy use a treble hook????

Wow you guys are tough...a guy has a great day (120 fish) and we assume he keeps them all. If he did or didn't how is that our concern and are we here to police sport fishermen. It's not the folks that bring em in by line and hook that are doing damage, but the commercial fisheries pulling in thousands (and usually doing so because they got bad info from the fisheries department.
there are officers out there patrolling the catches and such, so let's leave the policing to them, and enjoy each others great days on the water, and hope they are practicing good logical common sense, if not...then they get what they deserve eventually...but they aren't killing the stocks of salmon from a fishing line...
My opinion, and I don't want to stir anything up, but think we are here to share in each others success stories...aren't we??
Cheers all

It's amazing how some people assume that salmon fishing on the Fraser means hook and kill. Amazingly, there are some of us fish simply for the sport and have gotten quite good at it. That's all I will say, arguing, especially on the internet, is pointless lol. Anyways, coto, your question was discussed here I think:

Edit: Lol chevy55 beat me minutes lol.

Fishing forum > fished for pinks today sept 10/07


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