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Witch would you say is better, high tide or low tide? and why? I've been fishung both and I see no difference; they both produced no fish!!! Also while I'm at it, is this a slow year or have the pinks not all come up yet?



tide changes are the best where are you fihsing?

the best time to be river fishing for pinks (fraser esspecially) is high to low tide . the high tide brings the pinks in , then if the tide goes low fast its perfect becaues the low tide keeps the pinks closer to shore do you get it? lots of pinks , close to shore
time for a slaughtering ,haha
green guy

everyone is right on this one. i like going out on the ebb because they re sitting and waiting for the flood to keep going up ever a couple of days ago we hit a large school heading up. it was totally retarded.everyone was getting hits. just about everyone got there limit that day.but like i said i like the ebb better.just look for nice holding water (slow and close to shore).its kinda funny but of all the guys that i have seen in boats , the guys fishing from the beach do way better!

Fishing forum > Pinks


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Catch: 4 Rainbow Trout
Thu, Sep 20, 2018
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Tue, Sep 18, 2018
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Fishing: Fair
Catch: 6 Rainbow Trout
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