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Does anyone have any? I'va been there a few times, I tried several lures without success. The Cohos are there alright; a few hundred of them, but no takers....


green guy

dude your a little late.most (99.9%)of those fish are dark and lock jawed.the river has been very low for quite some time, i would guess that there are a few brave souls who have started to make the trip up river but not many.with the river being that low and not many fresh fish it's going to suck.the bait ban is inplace until oct so its hard going for sure. i see guys trying to fish the cable pool with a float but there is hardly any flow to the river so the fish have a half hour to look at whatever you got.i have not seen these guys be very sucsessful. you could always chuck a spoon. or whip out the fly rod!

i have not been to the mouth of the cap for some time now but i think it has also slowed down.i have found that it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better when the river is up!

Thanks for the tips Green guy. I caught this baby yesterday...
green guy

thats great , im glad you got got it with a spoon right? that one is starting to get a little dark.i hope you wernt out snaging at night!

No way! You wouldn't believe the effort I put into catching that single fish! Three days and about 15hrs. I caught her at sun set...
The trout

It's good to see percistance! But lets see, advice for fishing the cable pool....don't. Lots of effort for little reward. Invest time in pinks.

trout out

Hey the trout, Why would you invest time in fishing for pinks when you could catch coho. First off pinks are tiny and terrible to eat don't get me wrong pinks are good for beginners/first timers like yourself. Maybe garman likes to fish for real fish. Good luck catching the little fish for non-experienced fisherman. TIGHT LINES

personally, I think Pinks taste great (especially if you have a wife who's an awesome cook)!
The trout

point taken
river-rod dyl

pinks are terrible to fish for and are not good to eat!!

fishinforlife is right, why would catch a pink when u can catch a coho..... stupid thing to say!


I fish rivers exclusivly for all types of fish. I can give you a few basic rules I use for getting fish in pools.

most important is that fish can see you. When the water is clear approch the pool slowly and low, take time to watch the surface for swirls and fish shaped shadows on the bottom.

Never let your shadow hit the water. Many times I have seen fish shoot off when my head shadow hit the water.

Cast spoons/spinners so it enters the water where the fish won't notice. Natural introduction is a must for rivers, i try to let my lure drift in fast water down to where i think the fish are and then pull across the current high and infront of them. Or cast across over a rock shelf and retrieve to it passes over the edge, fish often will rise fast for that method.

Don't just cast and cast. Try one set up for a few casts, 5-10 depending on the pool, then get back to your box away from the pool and spend few minutes switching lures. Key is not to spook them before you get the right lure and right presentation.

You'll have the best chance if nobody has been there before you spooking the whole pool. Otherwise you have to count on fresh fish coming up while your fishing.

Look at the way the water moves thru the pool and plan out how to cover all the good spots ie. back water under rapids and rock shelves, without spoking the fish in the spots you haven't fished.

Does anyone else have tips on river fishing here?

well actually , i would always choose a chrome pink than that dark coho at the top of the page . as long as the fisherman knows how to cook a pink salmon it will be fine , it is true that pink salmon are the least favourite so you will need to season it alot ,and dont even get to chum on the BBQ (awful) but really that coho that garman caught must have not tasted that good , how was it garman , dont lie . anyway eddy those are some great tips when fishing but some of my trustful lures when fishing for coho are small goldhammered crocs and bluefoxes , silver or blue works great.

hey coto, hows it goin i would take a coho over a pink coho fight harder pinks are fun and all but they get boring. First off garman probably snagged that at cable pool noboday catches stuff there only chrome coho are usually caught same with any other fish. except for chum. EDDY GOOD TIPS
river-rod dyl

why would you even wake up early get all your gear ready and drive far away to catch a 2-4 lb pink.... i would rather fight a 4-9lb coho than play something that is the size of trout... you my as well go over to some little lake and fish there where u would have as much fun as fishing for these little pinks and plus the trout taste better than garbage.

really i would take a coho insteand of a pink anyday , but i wouldnt keep that coho garmen caught , its pretty dark to me , to some its a trophy fish and a great meal for dinner . and river rod dyl really a pink can taste great just as long as you know how to cook it .

garmen if your reading this tell us how was that coho

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