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Hi there,

My name is Alex, I just moved to Vancouver from Ottawa last week. I am highly addicted to fishing. I exclusively fished freshwater for bass, pike, walleye, gar, and much more on the Ottawa River and the area, therefore tidal fishing is completely new to me. If anyone is looking for a partner, or if a group is looking for a last minute member, let me know. Oh and who can tell me what this is??? Caught it close to lions Gate Bridge...


Can't post the pic for some reason. I'll give you a description: Small bottom feeder, greenish with white belly, large mouth, huge pectoral fins. Looks like a ling cod.



"caught it close to lionsgate bridge" thats near ambleside and the capilano river mouth they probably caught a coho.

Do you have salmon gear and trout? have you read the regulations no barbs allowed here.

Hmmmmm... Interesting, have you read the description of the fish? It is a small green bottom feeder with very large pectoral fins. Also do not worry, no fish were harmed with barbs on that fishing outing, I am aware of the regulations...


no i know you didn't use it but in ontario it allowed to use barbs in bc no barbs. i go fihing up in northbay in ontario i have a place there. Good fishing for bass and pike. What type of fishing are you intrested in. Trout fishing, salmon fishing, lake rivers ocean?

Ah sory. I like every kind of fishing; I can't get enough of it. I am realy getting into this pink frenzie, I can't wait to catch my first one! I see you have good sucess at Cates park. It is defenately on my "to fish list". I have been to Ambleside with no succes (evening) I will try it again in the morning. Another spot that interests me is the hatchery pool in the Capilano river. Need my freshwater licence first...

Where do you fish in NB? Trout lake, Nippissing?



we own an island at lake temagami. Another place for the pinks is the mouth of the seymour under the train bridge. pinks are there. in about a week. mornings are best at ambleside.

I think you got a greenling. These guys hang out at the base of kelp beds. I victoria we would throw a pile worm on to catch those off the bottom at the break water.

A good way to catch tidal bottom fish is to find a tidal eddy and throw a jig into the rip, let her hit bottom and jig it back. Get practice before you do it with expensive lure you can snag easy.

For lures I jig small crocs for rock cod and try squid looking ones and buzz bombs too, else use pileworms. Use a fairly stiff rod to get short sharp jig action.

hot dogs you will catch anykind of bottom fish.

if you caught one of these...they are delicious..kind of like a walleye and lingcod put together with a taste of crab. nothing to throw back for sure.

There! Got it. That's the fish
Louis Vuitton

Bullhead is what they are commonly called here. Not sure what they are actually called.

yep, it's a bull head and commonly called lots of 4 letter names, but the nicest one is just "a good for nothing".

Is that not a small sculpin?
Louis Vuitton

Wait till he pulls in a Cabezon and wonders what the hell it is, haha.

Fishing forum > Fishin' buddy !Now with pics.!


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