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I would like to learn how to fish for trout in Buntzen Lake using a downrigger. First off I have attempted this last weekend with no luck. Mind you, I tried for about 30min before giving up. I got the basic set up right. I have a Scotty rigger with counter. I have a weight and release cable and a good rod/reel ect ect ect. What I want to know is how much line from the release clip to the lure should I give? 10' - 20' ? Also how far up the rigger cable from the weight should I attach the release clip? What kind of lure works for trout? Do I need a worm on the end? Would a Power Bait Worm be good enough?
Thanks for any replies....

I have gone for salmon with a down rigger once.

We put out maybe 30-40' of line before we clipped it in and went down 50' on the counter.

The further you put the line in the release clip the harder it is to pull out. So if you find the fish are not releasing the line when they hit, next time put the line less inside the clip jaws. You only need enough pull to set the hook when the fish hits.

It is possable to hang two lines off of one down rigger. Just put a second clip higher up the line like one at 30ft and one at 10ft.

I'd put out at least 10ft of line. I think the amount of line you'd let out is limited by how close you fish to the bottom. This is because when you turn your boat while trolling the lure will travel slower and drop a few feet.

When you are fishing a ways off the bottom making turns is a good way to change the lures action and sound to get the fish interested. This is a method I learned using a deep-6 planer.

As for lures in lake I would try a flat fish or a old school plug but I'm just guessing by what I've seen others do.

In the ocean we would fish around under water structures. Go to use the map to find your lake with the zoom tool then click on the "i" icon in the tool bar,chick on the lake, then click on "lake report" in blue letters on the right, if the lake is mapped there will be a folder that says "lake depth maps", in there will be a pdf of the lake bottom contours you can print off and put in a big ziplock for your trip.

In the gulf islands I'd bring a chart in a bag and a compass in my little sailing dingy to trianglate the position of underwater shelves and hills using references like points of land, rocks whatever I could identify. You may be able to do this in a big lake.

Thats all I know.

oh ya, to release your line from the clip grab the rod and pull up sharply. Do this before you wind up the cannonball or when a fish is one and doesn't trip the clip.

right, that's all I know. Give er

Thanks for the info, any1 else?

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