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I totally agree.

i'm still on the fence.

I'm speechless as to what to say.
fisher 696

I need a little more info to reach an informed opinion.

I'm still drawing a blank.

I can't find it in the regs anywhere. I would avoid it in all circumstances.

what are the regulations concerning this issue?
green guy

what are you talking about?was a post deleted?

greenguy, nothing man..... there was nothing....

sounds like a No

When the report comes out I'll give my answer.

Sorry for the late reply. I had to join the site to post a reply to your inquiry.
I agree with pathfinder. Gecko seems to be misinformed. My opinion is that when it comes to dealing with such issues, one has to ask himself, if he is willing to go out there and pay the price. Is it worth it in the end?

Yes it is.

keep your stick on the ice

krustybra you forgot to mention to keep your eye on the puck! I'm still a little unsure but might I suggest googling it? Of course there are a few guys an this board who seem to know everything but have remained speachless for once!!!

I can't advise anyone to keep their eye on the puck because anyone who's played the game knows damn well to keep their head up in case a shoulder or elbow knocks you to the moon (I've learned the hard way from keeping my eye on the puck for too long).

Keep your stick on the ice!
Louis Vuitton

haha, im so confused. Was there really nothing posted and people are making up convos nows?
fisher 696


uh huh.

Ya pretty much


Are you all govenment employes by any chance?

Secret Service.

what's a "govenment employes" ?


That, my friend, you will never know....

Can't believe that you're still analizing this...
It's obvious.

Well you know, the more I think about this subject the more complicated it becomes. I think that I will probably just abstain from making my comment, as I really do not have the real dirt on it, and rather than be miss quoated i will be silent.
fisher 696

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt"

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