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Hey everyone,

First time posting, love the site so far (wish it had a little more input). Planning on going to Goron, Abbott, and Chataway lakes this week. Will be giving as much detail to people as possible upon the return.

Is there a reason I don't find much detail about the Thompson-Nicola on here?

fisher 696

The only reason I can think of is that not many people from this site fish that area. Nothing personal, honestly.

That's very hard to believe. I know that many lower mainland residents fish in to the interior. I run in to people constantly.
fisher 696

Fair enough. However I fish with LOTS of people who have never heard of this site. Also, a lot of people are on holidays and may not be online. I have noticed that the postings have slowed with the better weather.

He's right most of the guys that use this site are lower mainland guys that stick close to home. With the recent heat the interior lakes will be slow and will stay that way for the next few weeks until it starts to cool off more at night. Mornings will be your best bet. Try a leech or olive shrimp off any of the shoals. Fish deep. Evening you may get some dry fly action.Stop in at the information centre in Merrit and they will have a free magazine called????? Anyway it covers allot of the lakes you are looking at and has some good tips as to what works well in the individual lakes as well has a fairly accurate depth chart.

wicked thanks for the tips. we ended up at gordon lake this past weekend, and we scored huge for mid august. almost all day had fish on, or strikes, losing a fish to the freakin loons.

ended up with an amazing 2.5lb rainbow that i kept, and best mate got a 3 pounder.

all on green shrimp. got a few strikes, and one fish-on, on a black and gold looking spratley.


New poster here. Love the Merritt region but think people don't want to share info so that their favorite places don't get over run. We have a connection with a Merritt resident who let's us know what lake is good any time we are there. Ponderosa sports store is pretty honest about what's hot.For quantity over quality Reye Lake is great but the loons are very cheeky. Bluey can be slow but this is a 4lb rainbow I caught there last year. Not so fond of the lake since the road was improved at the Kentucky Alleyne end - I like to avoid crowds which is anything more than me and my hubby!!!

polly!!! bluey lake has been a favourite since i was a kid. i am the exact same feeling as you about the road improvement. this is why we've been exploring new places, we've already locked in our new favourite. but cheers on being a merrit area fan!!

Merritt area might be the best out there within a reasonable distance to Vancouver. Friends and I have been hitting it continually at least 4-5 times a year for the last 14 years. Biggest memory of Gordon is a toss up...the road going in and out...or the bears tearing up camp. Aside from that agree with you both that I don't want any more improvements made to any roads (much preferred towing out my brother-in-law last month to watch him get everywhere in his van). Only sad part is the devastation the pine beetle is having. Was at Pimeianus last month and you could see it next year the area will be gutted especially heading in via Merritt. Back way in wasn't bad yet but thats not going to last.


yeah pine beetle is shit, but it's a natural cycle.

1905 most of bc's forrests burned to the ground. This epidemic will cause some of the same results.

Fishing forum > Merritt (Thompson-Nicola)


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