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hey fishingfor life , tell me reports of rice and lynn , and if youve been to capilano and cates park yet?

hey coto hows it goin i ve rarely been to rice but everytime i been since ive caugth at least 2. ive been to lynn alot and have caught soem small ones but i caught 2 14 inch cutthroat on the fly. I ve been to ambelside only once and only had a bud hook one. today i wen t to cates park and managed to land a pink and i lost two otehrs . lots of jumpers you should go there soone with pink buzz bombs or spoons. ofoftrthesepplacesplacplaces tehse

let me know when you head ouyt to any of thes palces. hot spot righty now is the cap or cates park. im headed to cates tomorow

whens a good time to go, high tide ot low tide? or does it matter?..

well lowtide is best but the pinks at cates hit whenever best times is right at tides change.

good to hear the reports bud ,i couldnt make it to any of the places except capilano a few times without any luck. but im interested going to cates , but i have no clue where is it although i know that you take the first turnoff off second narrows , how far of a drive is it after second narrows.?
fisher 696

After taking the first off ramp on the North Shore side of the bridge it is about a 10 minute drive.

anyone else having lucka t cates.

I've been to cates but never fished there, where do you fish from? off shore off a dock? is there a river mouth there? in a boat off shore?

fish between the lighthouse and the boat launch no dock just fish form shore.

hey coto have you been fishing recently?

the reports arent that great , been to furry creek twice and got one chrome pink .Besides that everything is really slow . its a snagfest with the boaters at catespark . seymour will have some pinks in the evening but the seals are scaring the shit out of them(impossible to catch)but im waiting for pinks in the fraser ,any day now they should come in huge numbers , should be fun.

let me know when you go to the seymour next

seymour is absolutley disgusting compared of what i heard two years ago i think that pink season there is done uinless theyre is another wave coming , possibly with the fraser pinks might check it out in a week but the place you should go is the fraser , not now but in one week everyones arms will be sore today i fished there and the guy next to me got one and the guy next to him lost one . so big schools will be entering anytime now

coto, do you have email?
coto , thats the one

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Catch: 2 Brook Trout
Sat, Feb 17, 2018
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Thu, Nov 23, 2017
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Catch: 2 Pink Salmon
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