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It would be interesting to know how would you rate your addiction to fishing:

1. Occasionalist (fishes infrequently, either new to sport or has not developed a major interest);

2. Generalist (will fish regulary, for all kinds of fish in different waters, primary goal - get as many fish as possible)

3. Technique-Specialist (focuses on specific methods of fishing; fishing "for the sport")

4. Technique-Setting (highly committed angler, who specializes in a single method, aspire to catch fish under very specific conditions with very specialized equipment)

(Increased specialization didn't mean narrowing fishing activities).

Well, as for myself - per this classification I am a Generalist, but maturing into the next group (if it were not for salmon in our rivers, I would be focused just on fly fishing for trout).
Dyer Straits

honestly i think I would be a 3 but i wish i was a 4

I would definately be a Generalist, except i dont fish saltwater. did once at port hardy, caught 74 fish between 3 people on a boat. Honestly, ocean fishing gets so boring because you catch fish every 3 seconds, and that takes all the excitement of fishing away.

i'am for sure number 3. I fish every chance i can get. I love it.
The Yak

I am in the border between "3" and "4" I usually only fish for Trout in lakes with light fly fishing gear (3wt) and from a pontoon boat. I also make an effort to fish with dry flies every time I am out. For me that is the true essence of fishing. 1 time out of 20 I might bring a light spin cast rod. I drive out on my way to fish in lakes I think will be productive and do my entomological research before I go. This does not mean I catch a lot of fish just that I am obsessed. Oh ya.... and I tie my own flies too.

Looks like avid anglers are more likely to fish “for the sport” /C&R (Technique anglers), while the less avid want to catch lots of fish (Occasionalists and Generlaists). Also as level of angling specialization increases, focus shifts from consumption of the fish to preservation and emphasis on the nature and setting of the activity.

Guys, are you all into C&R?
Dyer Straits

Alex - I C&R all of my fish except for clean red springs and hatchery coho
The Yak

The Yak

I always limit my take and not take my limit. Occaionally 1 or 2 for my mother in-law and thats it.

I am somewhere between 2 and 3. I will generally keep a few fish if I'm successful (hatchery coho, and other salmon). I like to keep a couple of steelhead a year simply because I love the taste. I don't FLOSS for any species, I limit my leader to 4-5 feet max. I try to avoid roe as much as possible, however after a few days without I may try it just so I remember what a fish is

I'm a 2, but lately I feel like a 4 with all the big springs I'm catching. I never keep a fish; I'm strictly on the river to have fun.

New to salmon fishing this year, I've taken a day of vacation every Friday from October 1 to December 31 to go fishing. I think I'll try the Chehalis this morning.

Have fun at the office today, everyone!
The Yak

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i'v been fishin for over twenty years, both fresh and salt. i believe in conservation and proper techniques/ fairplay and abiding by the law. However, rather than comparing your skill levels and rating yourselves on how good you think you are, why not take what you've learned and try to pass that on to less skilled fishermen and teach them. not only the skills, but also the etiquette. letz bring everybody up to par. xjohnx -- since when, does catching lotza fish get boring? tell me you jess. have you never herd of the cliche 'feast or famine'?
dakster -- you say your leader never exceed 4 or 5 feet. for what species? and you don't never fish for sockeye, at least in nontidal right?

I have not fished for sockeye using a leader longer than 4-5 feet. I fish for coho, pinks, chum, springs, steelhead with a leader of 3-5 feet, depending on water conditions.

In my mind, flossing is like cheating. I want a fish to BITE my carefully prepared offerring, not have it guided into his mouth by means of a long leader.

I should clarify. I haven't targeted sockeye. I have fished while sockeye are in the river, but I was targeting Springs (using a 4 ft leader)
The Yak

I dont think anyone here was real boasting blaydRnr, just stating how and the reasons why these people fish and how they feel when they do. Why are you trying to stir up problems... I've seen a lot of people give great advice on these forums. Maybe you should do some more reading instead

dblessin-- its not my intent to stir up problems, nor am i trying to offend any of my fishing brothers (we are after all, a close knit community sharing a common bond). i merely state that fishing is a sport to be enjoyed by all . And as 'intermediate' sportsmen ,that we are, the responsibility falls on us to ensure that the sport thrives and survives. i do read alot of comments in this website and i do recognize the level of talent and great advice that has been shared by you all. that is why i've stepped away from the side lines to share my own thoughts. remember, i merely state an opinion, not staging an attack. i do know however, how intimidating it was to fish as a novice (many years ago) and how frustrating it is now, to fish along side one...what irony.

dakster-- i love to eat sockeyes. however, like you, i prefer to fish for species that bite. i love fishing for springs because of their power and i love fishing for coho and also steelhead because of the challenge. thank you for your response and clarification.

You're welcome.
Now if I just get out more often

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