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Ive been fishing corbett lake just out of merritt the last couple weekends, and wow, the dry fly action there is phenominal!! Caddis, stimulators, cali blondies, and the hottest of all, adult damsels, have been slaying these fish for me. usually catch around 20 fish per day, its wild, definitly lovin this lake!

sounds like a load of fun, that fish has some sweet colours

Is Corbett still a private lake?

Yes it is, $100 to fish it for the day, kinda steep but definitly worth your while. Headin' back there tomorrow, see if we cant get some more of that great dry fly action!!

thats apaling. i will never pay to fish my own country, no one owns water in my books.

Hahaha ReelWrangler your REAL funny. "no one owns water" then why can we buy land. I'll gladly give you $100 to come to your house and take what I want

Your funny, of course you can buy land, but guess what there are very few places in canada where property titles include lake/ river bed and mainly in the prairies and only very small water bodies. those are the only cases in which access can be denied unless 100% of the shore access is private.

a good example is silvermere lake in mission, its is considered a private lake, but guess what? no lake bed titles, and the lougheed highway cross the far shore so if you put a boat in at the road, you are 100% legal, no one can do a thing!!!

Corbett lake is For Sale! we could all pitch in buy it and it could be a free for all! It is too bad that people have to fork out big cash to catch fish. There are still a few places left that you don't have to pay big bucks at all to catch fish but they are fly only and catch and release only. There are lots of places you can go a snag fish (i.e. Vedder or Fraser) but that is not fishing. I wouldn't hand over $100 to fish there because fishing already cost enough and I'm not rich. There are other people out there that have the $$$$ that will continue to pay to go to these places and I am sure with a short fishing season the $100 doesn't go far to cover operational cost.What does the $100 get you? A boat? Breakfast? or just access to the lake?

Corbett lake is part of a resort. The resort owns it and they can do what they want with it IMHO. I think it's nice that they are protecting the lake instead of polluting and fishing it to oblivion. Check it out doesn't look very evil to me.

Corbett Lake is private (the land around the lake is owned by the resort).

The resort charges $100 per day to fish the lake. You have access to their boats.

It is fly only.

They stock the lake each year such that you do catch fish (and some monsters in there).

It is their lake. They pay to maintain the fish stock, the boats, and the land. If they want to charge to fish it then that is their right.

If you want to pay to fish it, that is your prerogative.

There are PLENTY of other lakes in the area that are free to fish.

Hey Shoaly!How was Corbett? One of my fave places! Is the dry action still hot? What are you using? Thanks for any info.

Ya Corbett was fantastic once again, we we're having alot of success on dries, adult damsels, mayflies, and california blondies. We also found that a damsel nymph on a dry line with a long leader in the shallows was quite irresistable to them as well. Guys were also gettin them on chronies, but who the hell wants to chronie fish when your takin' em off the top like that??!! haha.

Haha, I love chronnie fishing! but when there is dry action going fun! So these badboys are in for dry action all the time?

this time a year you cant go wrong. in the fall when the boatman are flying its a blast too!
The Rickster

I just went up to corbit lake with mark pedlington! i won the trip in a contest! boy, did we ever get some big ones!
green guy

hey rickster is that guy (mark) a clown or what?? good time i bet reguardless. did he know his poop?
Louis Vuitton

I love mark! I grew up watching him and his show. If that guy wasn't around, I'd never know about all the different places I'd be able to drag my family to for our vacations. He did a show on Anaheim Lakes 'Cuttbows' and I had to go there. When it came to choosing where my family went, I argued till be got to go there. And man, did we have fun.

I am heading to Anehim lake for sept 8th to 15th, Was there last year and the largest fish caught was about 1.5lbs I have heard they get way larger in that lake. Great scrappers! Any tips in for there? I have a boat and all kinds of gear tho I prefer to flyfish. Any info on the area would be much appreciated!

Fishing forum > Corbett lakes Summer Giants!


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