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Green guy. Exkamiflyfisher thank you for your feedback.
Reading about bar fishing, I remember some articles that advise against braided lines. They were considered abrasive, with an increased friction that can ruin your guides or the reel. Also they can catch small particles of sand from water, which also increases friction.
Now are there some new types of braided lines that are safe?

fisher 696

Myself and a buddy have been running braided line for a while now. We have found it to be good. Less gear loss and more control. My buddy was out far more often than I and indeed needed to change his rod tip eyelet after 2 yrs. No biggee, 5 bucks and 5 mins. I luv the stuff......remember though to never try to break it by hand....too thin & too strong, it'll give you BAD cuts.

its excellent, just DO NOT GO CHEAP. the expensive lines are expensive for one reason they are gel coated some even teflon coated. this will prevent silt from imparting itself to the line and destroying gear. braids like "northern" and other no name are fine for backing but not mainline.
green guy

yup im with fish696 on this one braided is the way to go. the no strech is a great thing.did you read any of the old post's?

nope. I'm not a member yet, and I can't search the postings. I think that the braided line works better for bar fishing and the mono for bottom bouncing. Bf there are few casts, bb lots of casts. bb more snags, and the braided line is rather expensive.

Stay away from the teflon braid; Teflon causes cancer!!!

funny that they coat frying pans in it....

It's not funny...its scary! I only use cast iron pans (or I should say my wife only uses cast iron pans). It's in a lot of things like pants/clothes, windshield wipers and fluid, cleaners...It's in everything and the government just turns a blind's no wonder why so many people are getting cancer these days! Sorry, I went way off topic here.

as far as I know teflon is dangerous only when heated above some temperature. cooking temp is usually below but close

Fishing forum > are the braded line safe?


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