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As much as I accept that this web site is run by volunteers and it is common for people to go on this site and try and stir things up. I believe 99% of the time it is just best to ignore the one or two fools, idiots and @$$holes who choose to do this.But for my 1% that thinks the other, I believe enough is enough and would love to see them band some how. I have used this site as a resource for fishing tips, given advise to others and sometimes get a good laugh at what some guys ideas of fishing are and the imagination of some guys trying to stir the postings up. There are some extremely good people on here that give good advise, keep the good spots to themselves ( me being one of them, ha-ha) and positively contribute every time they sign on. I am asking for only one thing IGNORE BEAK007 and others like him! I can't remember the name of some other little twerp but he eventually moved on because we ignored him and he got board. So,Don't feed him words, don't lead him on, don't answer back! He gets what he wants every time you respond back, don't get upset, Don't call him an Asshole. I know he will even respond to this posting.If the Monitor is unable to do anything about him except blank out his postings then just inform the Monitor with a posting asking for something to be removed. I could go on and on but it is as simple as IGNORE HIM and don't respond!!!!!

But its so much funier to BURN the ignorent soul.

And others like him. It's that simple!
Kispiox Special

I stopped giving my money to Sharphooks due to there being NO MODERATOR for the forum. Why pay for a site when there are BETTER and FREE fishing sites out there??????

On other forums, this type of childish behavior would get you BANNED INSTANTLY, thereby saving other members sanity.



Once again, he is at his childish ways, so IGNORE HIM!!!!!!!!!!


those who choose to use offensive words to express their opinions bring down the sites quality.

fisher 696


personally, i find his satire kinda of funny.

satire is fine, unjustified personal attacks are not.

you guys don't get it? IGNORE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't be childish too. Ignore him and he has no game to play!

i wont ingore being labeled a poacher when ive never flossed in my life, and follow the regs to a tee. if i ever meet the guy im guna beat his ass to a pulp.

Fishing forum > Please Ignor Beak007


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