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since you seem to be quite knowledgable about fly tying, I need some help. I have been tying my own finishing knots without a whip finisher. they seem to turn out but I sometimes test them and they come undone. I had finished many flies with these extremely weak knots and laquered them with head cement. My question is, how long will these flies last? will the head cement compensate for the bad knots by securing the threat?


Hey there...well I'm not louis but I'll give you my take on things since I fish exclusively with flies I have tied myself.
I finish my flies with 3 half hitch knots out of sheer laziness to ever learn a whip finish. I laqeur the head and go. I find the flies wear out in other areas (ie a full back having the pheasant tail tear from teeth) before the thread comes undone or lose them do to snags before I have a chance to even see if the knots are 100% durable.
Louis Vuitton

Half-hitches are fine, and are probably recomnded for beginners because you can do them with your fingers. In theory, from what I can see, a whip-finisher is just a tool that does half-hitches with speed. If you can do half-hitches, you can do a whip-finish with your fingers.

Will head cement make up for your "bad" knots, more likely "yes" then "no". Head cement, if given time to fully cure, i.e over night, is pretty strong. A good cheap head cement is Sally Hansens "Hard as nails" nailpolish and can be found at a London Drugs and such for probably about two dollars.
Like stated above, you'll notice that other areas of the fly come undone or become ruined first. A tip for most wet flies used in lakes and streams is to wrap a base of thread (pretty standard) and before you dub on any fur or wrap peacock herl is to give the thread base a quick wipe with head cement or clear nail polish and let it just get tacky before wrapping your dubbing/herl. This will prevent it from being pulled down the fly which I find happens alot on alot of commercially tied flies such as Wooly Buggers.

Anyways, I have to get up soon and I have seven fish tanks I have to do some work on (waterchanges, feeding, etc).

I am a tropical fish breeder on the side.


thanks a lot. any advice on chronimids?

Fishing forum > hey luis vuitton!


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