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Author Topic: A disgusting, preventable case of pollution

the other day my friend and I were at lake of the woods in hope and we noticed a literal stream of undiluted deisel and oil flowing down the bank and straight into the lake! It turns out there had been a vehicle on fire that morning and after putting it out, the firemen just hosed the remains (fuel) down the bank towards the lake. A stormdrain would have caught most of it but it was plugged (due to lack of maintenance). even worse, a small community across the highway is pumping their drinking water from the lake and have not been notified. my dad phoned diffirent departments and got the total runaround. stuff like this just makes me sick. We're talking about a lake with no gas engines aloud as to keep it as pristine as possible. people should be fired over this.

Bollocks! Total Bollocks!
There are some people out there who will destroy our wonderful planet one lake at a time. We need to keep our eyes open and do a little vigilantly educating on there asses if you know what I mean.

Fishing forum > A disgusting, preventable case of pollution


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