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sorry if this observation didn't deserve a new topic but I have heard of and experienced great success simply trolling flies instead of lures. I think maybe flies with palmered hackles like wooly buggers and wooly worms work the best when trolled.


I like gang trools with wedding band and a big tasty worm

ah yes,i find trolling lures is less effective by far.
whenever i go fishing in my pontoon craft on rolley lake,i troll a wolley bugger. i also use doc sprately's. but it also depends on what lake ur fishing on abnds with worms i find produce more fish but they are all smaller.

For trolling flies make sure to keep the movement erratic. Stop, Start, zig zag often.

Flies I have found to be good for trolling are

1-Wooly Buggers
3-52 Buicks
4-Half Backs
5-Knouff lake Specials
6-Doc Spratly's


my friend caught a fairly large fish at lake of the woods on a woolly worm I tied with a bright red tail and olive and black chenille to give it a striped look witha white saddle hackle on a size 8 hook. for trolling , a palmered hackle looks so lifelike and realistic. I figure it must be a good trolling fly if it caught a fish in that lake.
your list also looks similar to mine. mainly attractor patterns

btw what are woolly worms and woolly buggers supposed to imitate?

Are you trolling these flies on the surface or are you using sinking line? Strike indicator?

I troll very seldom these days, but when I do I troll a Type III sinking line unless the lake is shallow then I switch to a Type II or a floating line with a type III sink tip.

fish on

Best to anchor either on a shoal or off the shoal but within casting distance, trolling covers lots of ground, the fish travel on their own kind of (highways) use the same route day in and day out, once you find this invisible highway anchor within casting distance, determine the depth and what they may be feeding on and set your strike indicator so that your fly is a foot off the bottom. Pump a fish to see what it's eating.

Fishing forum > trolling flies


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