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I've been up there twice now and only seem to catch little ones with a worm and a spinner. I have a fly rod and wondering what flies or what to use at alice Lake

Haven't been to Alice for a couple years now, but when we did I used Black leech patterns, as there are many in this lake. We also used bloodworm patterns. Used damsel patterns fished on the bottom. At the time there was also flying ants everywhere, they worked great. We basically watch whats going on around us , and try to copy the food source the trout are targeting. We'd see flies on top of the water, kick are belly boats over and grab one, look in the fly box and match it up with the closest thing we had, and it seemed to work most of the time.
And yes they are mostly small fish in that lake. My guess (what I've seen), is the locals who sit in a chair with their power bait and buckets and keep whatever they catch. We would stop by Alice on the way to Ivey Lake,(Horseshoe Lake) a few times a month, and we'd see the same people on almost every trip. They do this for hours, day after day. The fish never have a chance to get big. It's one of the reasons we stopped going, no respect for the fishery.
Anyways,Good Luck!

yea a lak eup on the higway lake murin i went there a few times and there are usually only small ones or never any the old folks that are the locals go there and catch the damn fish with corn. Also they feed it to them which is horrible for there stomachs

Fishing forum > Alice Lake


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