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Does salmon eggs for trout work?


they work well i find

How do u rig them? with a bobber, casting, of the bottom

Depends where you're fishing them. A weight above the line then letting it bounce across a river bed is good, lakes i would bobber where there are drop offs

bounce off the bottom for trout??

Like i said it depends where, in a river, yes, but in a lake i'd recommend using a bobber near drop off and shoals

ok thanks for the tips but Can use a lso us e th eegss to cathc salmon

Cna you also use the eggs to catch salmon in the rivers

Yes salmon roe works well for salmon also, get some spawn neting and tie up sacks, the size depends on the species, chinooks make it a fat one, coho abit smaller. sometimes its all the fish will hit, roe sacks will work both bottom bouncing and float fishing. a good trick is if your float fishing throw a single split shot in the sack or if bottom bouncing 2-3 styrofoam beads, this will help with presentation. also learn to tie steelheader loops and add a small tuft of wool, it sticks to the fishs teeth and tougue and makes it harder to spit out giving you an extra moment to set a hook, tho roe usually gets piped(swallowed deep).

thanks.. So what color would u use for chinook and coho where do u put the hook and do u but the freeze dried roe in the package or the ones in the little canisters. thanks

red or orange, use the "singles" which are the ones in the jar or the "roe" you get in gobs in stryofoam tubs most places that have worms. that freeze dryed stuff i dont even know what to do with, i dont know anyone who uses it. roe sacks go straight on the hook like any other bait.

thanks for the tips
Louis Vuitton

One of the best meathods for fishing salmon eggs in a lake or pond is under a slip bobber with just a hook and single egg. No weights or anything, on an ultra light set up. With no weight, the single egg is allowed to bob and act more naturally suspended, and it gives you the advantage of detecting the most subtle takes.

thats how i do it for trout, one micro shot 2 feet above the hook and i "adjusta bubble" float. i love em, you add water to balance it and that gives you the weight to huck a decent distance, best lake float goin. super sensitive set up, if you give these floats a try, the clear ones i recomend puting a neon bead above the float just makes it easier to spot.

Great stuff guys! This is very informative for new guys.
Keep up the good work!

i used a bobebr and 3 split shots for teh eggs and it worked.

Fishing forum > Trout salmon eggs bait


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