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Author Topic: Chehalis River - lot's of Chums and Coho, water is very low!

Got my two Cohos in Chehalis this Saturday. Water is very low and that is the most amazing thing, as nearby Harrison is still flooded.

Anyways, there are lots of Chum and Coho in Chehalis. Some reports suggest that even Steelheads been caught.

Your best bet to target Coho is to use roe under a float just 1 ½ feet under the surface. This way you will avoid snags on numerous Chums. But still be prepared to fight a lot of them as they actually bite eagerly.

Tight lines and sharp hooks!


Chehalis River is crowded. You may hike up or downstream to find quieter spots.


Lot’s of Coho in the hatchery channel. Now you know why there are so many people as well

im going out next weekend any suggestions where to go??... do you prefer the vedder or the chehalis.. i'll be going for coho and chums cause i dont have a strong enough set up for the springs. is tamahi pool still one of the best choices??

oh ya, and is there any regs. on right now

You are allowed to keep 4 Coho if you want, but all of them should be hatchery ones (no adipose fin).

Water in Chehalis is much lower and at this very moment it is easier to target Coho. And on your way to Coho you will play lot's of Chums.

By the next week Vedder may also drop significantly. Watch for updates online or check Fishing Hotline 604.278.4677
Dyer Straits

Hey Alex...the steelhead you heard about....winters or summers? I know there are still a few summers down in the lower portion because they have been pushed down by the high water but it is almost that time when winters start to show in small numbers.

nice pics alex.i'll be at tamahi rapids on monday and from there its time check out the chehalis......been at the stave and its totally chum city!!!!and some voracious cutthroat trout.

Dyer, hi! No details about steelhead run, but I am confident it is still the summer run. Winter run is usually later in December, IMHO.

Nice ones Alex! btw, are you allow to keep any Chums?

You are allowed to keep 2 Chums per day (also please note that total number of all salmon is not to exceed 4 fish). Chums in Chehalis are not as good as they degrate too soon in fresh water. The best place for Chums is low Squamish River (confluence with Mamquam River). Chums are very fresh and often silver over there.

thanks Alex!
Dyer Straits

Chehalis chum do not open until nov.1 and go until nov.30

Dyer, thanks for the correction. Less liability for me.

does anyone actually eat chum salmon. i tried once and never never went back!

Thanks for the update - but those pic of below the hatchery are old, there are trees growing there now

replying to a post from 2003, doh !!!!

Fishing forum > Chehalis River - lot's of Chums and Coho, water is very low!


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