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green guy

this beak oo7 s**t head has got to go!he is of no use to anyone here please boot his dumb ass out!

thank you


I agree. This forum is used for constructive, positive comments. Is that really that hard to do? (apparently for some people it is...)

Beat it beakoff!

im sick and tired of that loser get em out o fhere
green guy

glad to read that im not about it yak?

I Agree, let the loser go...... Nothing to say that is worth reading so BYE BYE
green guy

so whats the deal yak?!! this clown is still on here? cant you boot his ass out?????????????????
The Yak

I cant delete any posts but not boot anyone
Sorry guys I've been in Utah for a bit and need to catch up..

perhaps green guy's posts need to be erased, full of profanity
Louis Vuitton

Well, i guess if you count one censsored word "full of profanity", yeah, I agree that Green Guy should go too....

Other than that, all those other posts full of profanity are too much for me. I'll quote them for others incase they want to give green guy the boot too:
"_______" and "_____". Hhhmm, for some reason i can't find them. Lame

glad im not the only 1 who c it that way
Louis Vuitton

Wait, did beak actually take that seriously?

Beak is back but still does not get it!

Profanity dis bad

You cant ban members? is there no REAL mod here? most sites have 2 mods who show up at least once a day. I payed my membership, which i think was a rip since there is no one else rating the fishing reports and now i have to deal with BEAK attacking my posts everytime i turn around? DO SOMETHING THIS IS BULL SHIT YAK
fisher 696

It's out of Yak's hands......He has stated numerous times that he is powerless to stop it......ALEX get off yer ass & take some time to deal with yer site.

I agree! Whoever is responsible for regulating this site needs to get rid of this Beak007...he's the biggest Jackass ever! He likes to ruin good/informative threads and contributes absolutely nothing positive to this site!

I find it hard to believe that someone can't do something about it? Maybe we should take matters into our own hands?

I know if i knew 100% it was him i ran into on the flow, hed be swiming.

I personally find this sites lack of control from the moderators part laughable. People get charged money for membership here and nothing is done to address their concerns or needs when something like Beak007 comes up. Whoever runs this site appears to be sipping margaritas on the beach collecting funds from members and not giving a shit about this site.
Pathetic, just pathetic. I would never pay for this site after this situation. I mean the Mods actually dont give a shit about us PERIOD!

listen to yourselves. You all sound like a bunch of 10 year olds saying "mom, timmy won't stop making faces at me!"
Ignore the guys post and he'll stop. he finds it funny to get people worked up.


Funny, never seen you here before? Who the heck are you!

I agree with both. There are alot of jeroffs who get a kick outa peiing people off and if you ignore him he'll probably leave but, and that's a bit but, I would be pissed right off if I had paid the membership fee. I had thought about it, but have decided my money would be better spent elswhere. I do enjoy most people on here but I don't think I'll be around much from here in.
Take care guys.


big_bear you must've been too busy bitching and moaning on a post about someone teasing you to see that I have been on here for a month or so.(just joking!) I add my two bits where I can...but new to the area so I often seek others advice.

Take'r easy and ignore the douchebags. Clearly their mother didn't give them enough why should you?

As a paying customer, i fully expect site moderators to earn my hard earned money! I joined because i loved the fishing report format, simply for its acurracy if filled out properly. Not even that was worth my money since there is little participation, and i have yet to have a single one of my reports rated, as a result i have fatigued from bothering. Most years i churn out around 60 reports and i know a great deal about current acessability to forestry roads. I have yet to even be welcomed by a moderator.....

If the Mods can't do anything about this guy and others like him, then I say give the members like myself their money back. I come here very little now, I can't stand the crap that is said and I only come here every week or so now because of it.

I go to FlyBC and FishBC 2-5 times a day because this kind of crap is not tolerated there.


I agree

& Yak or any other mod has yet to reply to this thread or to the situation. Just shows you how often they check there own site.
stink finger

talk fishin quit bitchin cant beleive your still talkin about this how old are we
Louis Vuitton

Does anyone remember that Yak doesnt own this site? All he can do is delete threads/posts/comments. He doens't own or operate it. Give the guy a break and go after the guy that actually owns this site. I havent seen that guy in forever on here.
fisher 696

Alex is the big cheese on this site and I have seen him post once in 2 years.

If that is the case, then I will be moving on. I will also make sure others are aware of this fact.

Not to have the Owners, or someone that represents the owners checking up on their site is ridiculous. They open their hands when it is time for money, but can't take the time to check up on the content, Quality and complaints of the people that are paying....

As of now, I will not be making any more posts and will let everyone that I know in the Fishing Industry know of how this site is run. If the owners can't run this site properly, then maybe it's time for them to sell it.




I'm so stoked for Pinks!!!!
fisher 696

Alex is the big cheese and I think he must be sitting in the sun drinking little cute drinks with umbrellas in them cuz he never comes here.

Dang how does it feel to be outsmarted by cheese.
Kispiox Special

Email and remind them that you WILL NOT BE GIVING THEM ANYMORE MONEY unless they moderate the forum. Email them ALOT, cause it looks like they DON'T care about their own hit them where it hurts - in the pocketbook!

i thought when u pay it is for accessing the fishing reports? ur not paying for active moderators. if u are maybe yak needs to get paid by alex.
fisher 696

WOW ......Beak created a decent post.....I wish they were all like that.

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