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Well,as some of you may know already,rolley lake has opend its gates.does anyone know how the fishing is there currently?
The Yak

I'll try and let you know I'll be fishing there on Sunday

The Yak

Fishing was good until about noon and then died off. fished from 9:30am to 4pm.

the only thing that seemed to work was a black and red sparkle micro leech with a gold bead head

6 fish on 3 landed
Louis Vuitton

That seems to be the fly of choice I find in there. The very first fly i tie on at that lake, and the fly I tell peole to take lots of, are of course, the beadhead micro-leech. Black w/sparkle, Maroon w/sparkle and Black/Red w/sparkle all seem to work. Glad you had a good day out there. I haven't been there in a while.

thanks guys

was fighing rolley off the beach today...raining liek crazy,about 6 bites but none landed.I was using orange floating amino eggs,on the bottom

Just caught 2 good' uns within an hour, one had a deformed tail, must have got hit by a prop and survived.

how big were they? biggest i've seen come outta there is 16 inches. biggest one i've caught there is 15 inches. its a good little fishing lake especially afer they've stocked it lol

I estimated about 16" for the biggest, woulda had another 2 inchs if its tail wasnt deformed.

Must of been a brute stock fish because i think they just stocked it a couple of weeks ago. What i'm wondering is if anyone has actually pulled a large, wild looking trout outta of there.
Louis Vuitton

My buddy caught an 18" once, a couple years ago. Sorta felt bad cause we were nailing them, all around 14" and there was a guy fishing off a log with a bobber and worm or something and he didnt get a bight all day long, then my friend pulls in the 18"er and held it up like they do on the fishing shows, haha, and the guys sorta mumbled something, probably negative, haha.

yea the fish who make it through the first year dont hit float fished worms anymore in rolley, it gets soo heavily fished that way. roe works tho, so far im the only one ive seen try it.

Fishing forum > Rolley lake


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