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hey i was just goin to go try bass fishing this weekend and from what ive heard Albert Dyck Memorial lake is the best and FishTrap Creek is the runner up.
how do you fish at these lakes(is thier a dock or is it from shore?)
and also what would i use a float or a lure???
Thanks this would be the first time ive fished bass so I appreciate all the info

also what are the size and keeping limits on bass??

never fished any of the bass here but in ontario i use leeches or worms off the bottom or use a fake minnow



As others have stated, bass are an aggressive species, and will strike at almost anything presented to them. Weather conditions(and water temp) plays a big role as well. Bass are an ambush predator, and usually stay close to any type of cover, such as pilings, docks, rocks, fallen or growing
trees in the water, lily pads and shoals, to name a few. They wait for the prey to swim by, then bang, they "hit". That "hit", is what draws a lot of anglers to the bass, because of that aggression.
So what works? It depend on the angler. I have lately been trying to fish my plastics weedless. In the past, using a jig on a grub or tube would always result in a fish, but because the hook is exposed , your bound to snag into tree branches, tree stumps, lily pad stocks, etc.. Time spent unsnagging your gear is frustrating. I therefore have been buying small Gamakatsu Offset Shank hooks in # 1 and 2's. They are almost the exact length of a grub, and u can feed the hook in, back around and out, and bury the tip into the the tail or back of the grub. WEEDLESS!! Works on other plastics as well. I use this on St.Mary's and Cusheon Lake as well as other places and works great.
Anyways, the plastics I use most often are worms in the 6" & 7" lengths, color natural, watermelon red, watermelon pepper, blue, smoke red, green pumpkin, almost anything. Experiment. I use grubs, usually 3" and had the best luck with black or red. Also the 4" Power Grub in Milky Shad works well. Zooms Horny Toad works well, Split tailedMinnows from Storm, 5" Soft shad in Mackerel color, this lure replicates an injured fish, it works well. See what I'm getting at, almost anything works.
Quickly, hard baits I use less often, (expensive to replace}, but I use the Hula Poppers , usually around lily's or overgrowths along the banks, Frenzy popper by Berkley, Skitter Pop by Rapala, all for the explosive topwater. Crankbaits are expensive too, I hardly use them, with two trebles on them, they get caught up in a lot of un seen debris in the water, say bye-bye to 10 - 15 bucks a piece. Usually they are depth specific, eg. floating, deep diving, suspending, etc., and unless u have more than one rod to fish with, u would need to change the lure to keep up with the changing water depths.
It's all about getting out there, trial and error. Fish bait too small, u may be only hitting crappies or the odd small bass. Try a little bigger lure the fish may get bigger. I went to a 7" worm, thinking too big nothing will hit it, but thats when I caught the 5plus pounder. U never know.
Rigging is important as well, whether it's using jigs or a Texas or Carolina rig, if u use beads for clicking sounds, size of the hooks, shapes of the hooks, if they're offset, or have a wide gap, if they have weed guards, etc. Once u start to have success, you'll learn more, and it won't be so confusing. I find it's rewarding when u start using your knowledge to seek out and entice the fish to strike. Only other thing would be to seek out a good tackle shop, with people that actually target bass, who know what they're talking about, who can lead u in the right direction.
Hope this helps a little,

P.S. Going to St.Mary's on the 8-11th of June, I'll get some pics and post for ya,


Ok thanks alot man

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