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anyone fish there and catch stuff what do you use and when
The Yak

I havent fished there but if you wait till September when they're running you could pretty much cast anything at them and they will bite although pink spoons or flies are a good choice.

I use light blue flies a lot incase there are some Coho around too. Way better eating than Pinks

If you plan to keep some make sure you have a cooler full of ice so they can be put in right after you catch them as they spoil fast

Check the photo.. They're so easy to catch even gimps in wheelchairs can catch them!

(that's me by the way)

thanks a lot

what weight fly rods should u use can u use a 5 weight
The Yak

5 no.... a 6wt will do but I prefer a 7wt

That way you can land them faster which is good if you dont plan to keep them.

Make sure they can complete their journey after giving you a little battle.

Fishing forum > Pinks at Cates Park


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