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I catch the all the time in the s ummer best times are early or late in the day, i use a bobber with worm or power bait what do u guys use have u caught any resently

you know i hear rice lake has a couple rainbows over 20inches , have you ever had any of that luck at rice lake .I only went once and i caught this one in early september

Tons of luck in july when its hot mornings at ten i caught 4 one time in 2 hrs ranging from 12-14 inches are there 20 inchers there

i live by rice went this morning june 2 at 5 am till 9am and caught nothing although i had some noticible bites

yea i went up there the last 3 sundays and never got anything but bites...someone there said the trout in that lake arnt aggressive

they just stocked it on thurs day with 250 fish and they are goin to stock it with 1500 and more on fathers day don't go though it is so busy go about three days after there are many fish active, fish the bototm in the summer off the dock with shrimp i catch many .

You're my hero.

Should be beakoff!

anyone been up ther erecently and caught anything?

went up there today and got skunked anyone been up there? i am going to try again tomorow.

Fishing forum > RICE LAKE


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