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green guy

hello mr louis.

i was looking at some old posts on this site and a while back you offered a fella some new to fly fishing this year and i would really like it if you would point me in the right direction as just learning to tie.

if your ok with it maybe throw down you email address and i can contact you that way.

thanks dude!
Louis Vuitton

What type of flies for what? Salt or fresh, trout or salmon?
green guy

hey there!

yeah i was looking for any salmon and steel head patterns that you might have? but i would really like to focus on tying some up for coho's and pinks.

i will be in the rivers mostly but also of the beach in west van ect...

thanks for getting back to me.
Louis Vuitton

For rivers, marabou is a very good material, as it "breathes" and looks lively. It is also very in expensive and comes in a mariad of colours. To buy it from a fly shop you might be limited to one colour per pack, but if you go to a craft store and buy a bag of those colourd craft feathers you can get a whole tonne of colours for really cheap. Blue, green, pink and yellow seam to be the highest producers in rivers, but you have to experiment. Also, adding a bead or a bit of Flashabou or Krystal Flash helps, but like I said, you should experiment because each river, fish and condition calls for something different everytime. Patterns should be small to medium in clear, intimate rivers, but in larger ones, a pattern tied on a 1/0 are not uncommon.
If fishing the salt, I can not stress more the sparsness of a pattern. If you are tying a pattern and you think you know how much material you want in the wing, cut that amount in half. If a recipe calls for 12 strands of bucktail, cut that down to 6-9, and so forth.
One pattern I have found rediculously succesful in the salt is a 1/0 stainless hook wiht a Mylar tubing body with a peacock tail and wing, and of course, tied sparse using red thread. One other pattern that that is a "must have" for any saltwater endevour must be the Clouser Minnow tied sparse with about 4 strands of Krystal Flash in these colours: white/chartreuse, white/olive, white/pink, olive/pink. I do not have much experience in tube-flies, but I do know that they are highly effective in fresh and salt water. Try googling "shock and awe salmon fly".
bass master 99

dont forget rabbit strips,they also provide great action in rivers. to tie in the tail you simply measure your tail then wet the part that you are not tying so you expose the rabbit skin then tie it in. for rabbit strip bodies you spiral the rabbit strip around the hook, wetting the hair back as you go. the most popular colours for rabbit strip are black, purple, pink, chartreus, and
natural. basically if you follow those directions you can tie a bunny leech which works and is simple to tie. But as louis said its good to experiment and try different colours. different conditions call for different sizes, colours etc. But i once knew a fisherman who only had popsicles on one side of his box and bunny leeches(a few egg sucking leeches as well) on the other side of the box and he told me that he had been fishing for salmon and steelhead for as long as he could remember( he was pretty old by the looks of his grey hair) and those two salmon patterns were all he needed in different colours. But I like to have different things to try so i have many different patterns. But then again it isn't really about the pattern, it's about the fisherman who uses it, it has to look like something natural or else the fish(especially steelhead) won't take it. Well, except for chum, they're retarded. anyways hope you put this advice to good use,
green guy

thanks guys

i just got a renzetti so im looking to go out and get all my tools and tying stuff shortly.the only two guys that i know are trout bums.they have told me they dont know the first thing about salmon fishing,but they do know how to tie. so i guess if i explane to them what you guys have told me here, they should get it right?

ps i you guys have got any pics of these patterns that would really help me out, so i know what it should look like in the end.

pps any word on where i should go for my tying stuff? i looking to buy a fair amount hooks and all ! who is going to give me a good deal? i was thinking of hub sports.

thanks again.

Im somewhat out of the flyfishing loop but il tell you this hubs is overpriced alot of the time.
bass master 99

from my experiences i would say Gi joes (army and navy) has the cheapest stuff, but not the most selection, but they have all the basic stuff like marabou, thread, hooks, chenille, rabbit strip etc. but not the real specific or fancy pricy stuff like spey feathers, speyabou etc.
for your fly tying stuff it might be best to get a starter kit though and learn tying a few trout flies but if you dont want to there is a set of cheap tools at army and navy. thats what i started on which was a stupid decision because it was way much more expensive bying each bit and piece of material over time than bying the set.
green guy

your both right

gi joes don't really cut it as far as selection goes,and hub is over priced but roger "owe's me a farvor" i guess i should just go and talk to him.

you guys know of any GOOD fly fish video's or books geared towards salmon and steel head in rivers?


If you are just starting out with tying and you are going to be tying salmon flies, The one BIG thing I can suggest is to make sure you buy a GOOD vice. Make sure you buy a rotating vice you will regret it if you buy a stationary one. It will cost you more but for salmon, bull trout and some others, a rotary vice is a MUST!!!
Louis Vuitton

Renzetti's are one of the top of the line vises. I only wish I could afford one. For the beggeniner, a tying kit would be a good idea, but hey, if you've already bought a Renzetti, good for you, just take care of it for me.
green guy

no problem! it is a really slick vise

im starting to put together a list of tying material's.what in your guy's opion are the must have's? please include color's hooks sizes thread color, anything and everything.

thanks a bunch

Man I can be dumb, I didn't see the post that you bought a vise.DOH.

Great vice.

bass master 99

red thread in 3/0 and 6/0. 3/0 is stronger for flies that can afford to have large heads but you dont need it at all, pink in 6/0, black 6/0, and fire orange 6/0.
for hooks get size four classic salmon hook(the one that is black and slitely curved down the shank),size 2, and size1/0 (all those mustad classic salmon). those are great standard value hooks that are great for people starting. But if you do get into it a bit more i would go with the daichi's, they are a great solid hook. You may also want to buy bead chain eyes and dumbell eyes and cones. for cones i would get some orange and gold just so then you can make egg sucking leeches without tying in the chenille egg which can be a pain in the ass sometimes. get chenille in both cactus and estaz, i wouldn't waste my time with the plain colours because salmon patters use flashy chenille more. for hackle get the same colour hackle as marabou colours you are getting and get schlappen as well, schallapen is amazing for webby realistic hackle, great for steelhead patterns. Also crystal flash in the same colours to match as well to add a bit of umph to your patterns. and lastly i would get mono eyes, and swiss straw for shrim patterns like the squamish poacher. Another material that you may need for some classic salmon wetflies is bucktail, i would get it in red, yellow(for mickey finns),white, orange, and lime green. if you get lime green bicktail then get 3/0 thread to match.
hope this helps,
tight wraps
green guy

bass master99

thats awesome thanks alot ,now im pointed in the right direction.thanks agian !

if you think of anything else please let me know.

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