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Any thoughts on some good bass fishing areas in the lower mainland area.

Yeah, never fished for bass before. wouldn't mind giving it a go if i new where a few spots were.

Try Mill lake in Abbotsford

I've fished "Albert" before, but caught small ones, and even caught a catfish. Has anyone fished Hatzic for Bass, or there's another small lake on Highway 7 near mission with a water skiing boat ramp in the middle of it. Can't remember the name, ( think it starts with a C ), but some say to fish there around the docks. Anyone fished there?

Albert Dick Park is indeed a great place for bass fishing but as already stated, it can be hard to go deep for the big ones as there always seems to be ski boats on the lake. However, if you just want to catch fish, all you have to do is toss out some kind of jig, bait, or spinner and you will catch plenty of fish.
Ric, I believe the lake you are talking about is Silvermere Lake. Its a private lake so access is difficult. However, there is indeed some very good bass fishing. Go deep for the beauties, some fish reach 5 pounds!

Thanks baitfisher. I've been told that Silvermere is no longer private, it's just the locals not wanting us there. Anyways, thanks for the info. It seems the only spot I'm hearing about is Albert Dick, nothing else good except for lakes on the island?
bass master 99

fishtrap creek can be good. there are some big ones in there. go to that bridge and cast pretty much anything you think a bass will like

Fishing forum > bass whereabouts


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