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Got the day off work tomorrow and I was wondering if there are any decent trout rivers around, within about a 2-3 hour drive from langley, I was thinking out towards hope/merrit but not sure if there is anything out there. I would be fly fishin (what would be the best setup? float line ect.?) . Any help would be appreciated.


Well your gunna have a tough time finding any where to stream fish here in the interior, being as all the streams are closed to fishing until july. not sure about what would be open at the coast?

As far as I know all rivers and streams are closed until July with the exception of the Fraser, The upper Pitt, And the Harrison, But you would need to go to the government website to get the regs for the rivers and streams.

might give gold creek a shot, seems like it might hold some trout.
bass master 99

try the cheakamus river, the dollies are pigging out on fry and small spoons will work great. also you might have a chance at catching a steelhead or a early early spring. but if you have your mind set on gold creek i would spend all my time at the mouth where it flows into aloutte lake. The river doesn't really have too many fish in it

You may have a hard time fishing any river in the lower mainland at the moment. The water is fairly high and alot of them are pretty thick with silt. I tried the Big Silver on the long weekend and didn't even get a sniff. Normally I walk away with at least 1 fish. There was hardly any room to fish too as the water was so high.
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i think the lower alouette is open below 216 lots of 10 12 inchers in there some up to a couple pounds use fry patterns
bass master 99

oh ya i forgot to mention that the cheak stays low even while freshet(snow melting in the mountains) is going on,
although sometimes it is too low and clear and the fishing is difficult

alouette sounds like the best bet for me, it's fairly close. Any tips for fishing it, I will be using a fly but 2 buddies will be spincasting.

also I was just checking out the river on google earth, and was wondering where the best access point is? right near 216th?

Fishing forum > trout rivers?


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