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Does anyone have any suggestions where to go near Princeton for some Rainbows. How is Osprey Lake this year?

Sorry Bruce I've let it go before but people pay to advertise here and its not fair to thoughs who do.

The Yak

Dear Yak,

I appreciate your concern with the people who pay for ads but I have tried to contact sharp hooks many times about this and it always comes back, so what's a poor struggling B&B owner to do?

I also give good fishing reports too!



I'd have to agree with Osprey1, is it really a big deal if he does a little advertisment here and there, and he does give great reports as well, something many people seem to struggle to do on here. Thats a major problem i see in our society, no ones willing to do favours for the little guy anymore, with exception to all those who helped that guy whom had his cabin burned down by vandals. that was truly a respectible thing, and great to see, a bunch of strangers pitch in to help a man who was down and out. and id be willing to bet all those guys who did help, are hard working middle class men who bust there ass 5-6 days a week at work. and sacrificed their own time to help another small guy out, who needed it. ( not pensil pushers, or ceo's or vice whatever's) they may be middle class by there earnings, but there first class when it comes to being a real person. They work hard, there honest, and there not afraid to get there hands dirty for the good of another man. so big deal if the little guy who maybe cant afford to pay to advertise on here wants to put up the odd post and inform people about his B&B. bet it has 10 times the feel and hospitality of any big wigs set-up. that i can guarentee.

I was up at Osprey lake this past weekend. I went and paid a visit to Bruce and found him to be a truly generous man. I asked him a few questions and he gave me some honest answers. I told him that I forgot my anchor at home on the coast, and he offered one of his for me to use. I do understand protecting the paying advertisers, but a little poke here and there for his GREAT B&B does no harm. He is always the first one to give fishing information for the area and asks nothing in return, Give the man a break. I am a paying advertiser on two other forums and i would not complain about this, and those who do are either insecure or are running a poor business and don't like the competition from a honest and respectable one.

P.S. How much does it cost to advertise here, with all the great information that Bruce gives to this forum I may be willing to help pay for him to become an advertiser, price permitting.

Thanks for the kind words shoaley. We're still working on it though. Just brought Lester another load of wood on the long weekend and some windows too.

As for Osprey1, in all fairness he was just answering a question.

As for the origional question from roxyhound, Osprey lake is a great trout lake. If you are thinking of going a guy I know has a B&B up there try him.
Bruce Merit
Osprey Lake Retreat
He's a good guy and he'll point you towards the fish

I've heard that Rampart lake is quite good, never been up there but i've heard nothing but good things about it

thanks for the support guys, I really appreaciate it!

Both Link and Osprey are producing nicely at this time with water temps around 56. There was a huge May fly hatch on Osprey on the west end in the weeds. Changed my fly 16 times only to have 1 hit! I guess that's why they call it fishing, eh?

Lot's of steam on the lake in the mornings now with air temps still down to -2, a perfect kodak opp.

Keep those lines tight.


Fishing forum > Fishing near Princeton


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