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We will arrive in Vancouver in June the 28th and we will catch a camper the day later. Then we have to decide if it is better fishing in Vancouver Island or to explore Fraser River and connected rivers. We would like fishing salmons and steelheads but we also like catching trouts using flies and spinning.
Could you give us your advise?
Thanks a lot for your help.
green guy

hi there thanks for visiting.

i dont know how long your staying here but givin the date of your arival it will be mostly salmon fishing there will be some summer run steelhead around.there are a ton of great places on the island and in the lower main land.if you have the time you should do both!

if it is in your budget it would be in your best intrest to get a guide for at least 1 day.they can give you the right information for almost any given river.if not there are lost of good tackle shops. highwater tackle in north vancouver, berrys ,and hub sports out in abbotsford.

the guys in those shops can also point you in the right direction for everything.

then there is also the interior, lots of lakes, lots of i said before depends on the lenght of your visit.

if you have fly gear great but, do you have a drift rod? if not you will probably wany to get one once you need one out here.

i hope this helps any more questions please ask.

Hi, and thanks for your reply. We'll have 5 days fishing only. Better don't spend too much time driving and save time for fishing. We found some information in italy, there is a place called Island 22 closed to Chilliwack. I saw the place in a satellite map and it seem a very big river. It's possible fishing in a big river or there is a particular place? one thing very important for us it's to find fishing places with good landscape.
Hope to read again your advise.
Bye = Ciao!
fisher 696

This year we have a large snow pack on our mountains and flooding is a great concern. The timing of your visit may coincide with very high water, if this is the case you/we will be limited as to fishable areas. You may want to think about back up plans. Perhaps an ocean charter, or some interior lake fishing. Certainly the Fraser is the place to be when conditions are right. Our best salmon fishing occurs between July and October. You are correct about island 22 however there are many such places on the river that will provide angling opportunities. If it fits your budget consider hiring a guide for a day, pick their brains as they will have more answers than any of us as they are usually on the river daily and know what is going on
and most importantly, WHERE it is going on.
Fraser Valley fishing reports from Harrison Bay
If you like contact Tony through this link, he is a good man and is usually very helpful. A great guide too.

Hope this helps....tight lines & sore arms
green guy

time being a limit i would really think about getting a guide and then focus on 2 or 3 areas.when you arrive they willl be able to tell you what is going on and where.if you get the guide chances are you will have a great trip.

see you

Yes we are experiencing very high snow packs in our mountain this year and with the warm weather the rivers will be flooding in certain areas. Be VERY careful. Hire a guide if possible. You will not be disappointed fishing here. Its beautiful and great fishing but best to have a few places on back up just in case.
Have a great time!

You'll have much better fishing on Vancouver Island-go to the West Coast of the Island and hire a charter to fish on the ocean


Island 22 is now closed until further notice, probably until the freshet is over and river levels drop to normal.

Ok, we hope to find a guide for fishing in rivers. Some one can tell us if it's better Vancouver island or Fraser River and connected rivers? JUNE/JULY
Thanks a lot for your help.

Fishing forum > aglers from italy


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