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where are all the die hard fly guys going to on the may long weekend. I was thinking about going to Gillis lk. or Murray lk. Anyone have any sudgestions for the avid anglers. Small lakes are preffered with 4x4 accsess. We will be in float tubes on fly gear only!!!!! No bait boys here...hahaha.

Go to some of the lakes of the interior. I am heading out with my tube to Osprey, Link, And Chain this weekend, and then heading a little north to Community for some of the BIG boys.

Have fun

Never been to those ones, but i am interested in all of them. We havent decided where we will be going just yet. But it looks like everyone wants to go towards Tunkwa and leighton. To big and to busy in my opinion.Although big fish!!!!Have u been to abby lk? Hows the access if so. I heard that the preasure is moderate but 4x4 is needed(no problem). It is over 4000ft though may be a bit of snow hey?We tryed to get into murphy lakes and it was still white in there.

Ill be up at wood lake and hopefuly will spend a day or two trolling the canoe in the harrison lake if i can find access not too far from camp.

wood lake was just starting to get spawners 10 days ago. We seen dozens of fish 5ft. of shore. Some as big as 16inch or so. Not that great to eat, and they should be left alone to do there thing for a good week or so more. If u want u should try morris for cutties instead(or also). Its been great right now for fly guys.

I have never been to Osprey myself, this will be a first. I have heard a few great reports about Ospery so I figured what the hell. the wife and I are staying at a B&B there and doing some of the historical stuff in the area. I will only have a few hours a day of fishing this trip, but the next one in June will be 4 days of fishing my Balls off.


ReelWrangler, I think the closest access to Harrison Lake is the 20 mile bay site. Also happpens to be one of the best fishing areas in Harrison (at times). If you go, try trolling minnow patterns in the shallows out in front of the main camp (not the sites at the end of the old airstrip, though you can launch there) If you go into the main site the gates are usually only dummy locked if at all.

thanks, ill try and get away from the yahoos for a day or two this weekend.

Hey Fly Fisher582, drop my the Osprey Lake Retreat if you like for up to date info on Osprey. Currently the water temp. is at 51 so warming up nicely. The lake has been windy the last couple of days so bring your anchors. The Crony fishing has been great in the narrow.

Good luck this weekend.

Bruce Merit
Osprey Lake Retreat

Heres a little gem of a lake! Jimmy lake! Fly only one fish a day must be over 50cm. When you think the day is over because its getting dark. Head back out with a leech patern, if the moon is out it will be dynamite till about midnight. Its amazing! I've caught many bows in the 2-6 pound range in the middle of the night. I've tried this at other lakes with no sucsess! I have been told of fish to 14 pounds by others while fishing at the lake.

Thanks Bruce, I will definetly stop by and have a chat with you. I'll be coming up Friday night and fishing Sat-Sun so i'll come by Sat morning
stink finger

just got home from tunkwa slow fishin few guys getting them on chrommies gang trolls with wedding band and blue red flatfish lots of guys left for other lakes including us

Fishing forum > long weekend tubers


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