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green guy

i have noticed that alot of you fella's are fly just starting to learn but i want to focus on salmon.

i would like to ask everyone here what kinda rig i should be looking at? so far its a sage 8 or 9 wt rod with a ross reel and a versatip.

im also looking to get a vise and start tying right away.the guys that i know that fly fish are for trout so it would be really cool to get feedback from someone who does fish for salmon & steelhead.


It all depends on the Salmon you are going to target. If it is going to be Coho and Pinks a 7-8wt is fine, if it will be Spring or Chum I would go with a 9wt rod.

For Steelhead a 8 wt is fine but a 9wt would be a better choice due to the fact that the rivers that hold them can be quite fast and a rod with some backbone would be better.

As for the tying vice, you will probably get into tying tube flies for the Steelhead so make sure you get a rotating vice and an attachment for tube flies. Don't go cheap with the vice, you WILL regret it after a while.

Good Luck
Rick Passek

I fly fish for trout so I have no idea.
green guy

what kind of action should my rod have? im kinda torn because in the cap it will be all smaller coho and then when i go to squamish it will be some big dogs.

Louis Vuitton

I have alot of experience with fly fishing salmon. The coho in the Cap can probably be taken on 7wts to be honest. It is not a fast flowing river in the Cable Pool, and they aren't really that big. I'd go with a medium to fast action 9 to 9 1/2 foot 9 for over all. It will cover you for coho, steel, chum and springs. This makes more sense as you compare the number ratio as 4:1, 4 being the previously mentioned species, and 1 being the Pinks. The rivers in the Squamish area are faster flowing, and there are a good number of springs and chums up there as the cap, not so much. I use an 8wt, but that's because I usually target pinks and coho in the salt or just up in the cap. I have fished up in squamish, and the 9wt would maybe be better. I personally just find a 9wt to be overkill on the arms. I think an 8wt will do you just fine for most conditions, including salt and rivers. I've been able to land pinks and cohos in the salts and rivers on it no problem, and as long as you play springs and chums correctly, you should be able to suffice with the 8 wt. The next issue would be lines. I deffinitely suggest the versi-tip. If not, Scientific Anglers "Coho Taper" (available so far that I've seen, only at Barry') is the one line I'd go for if I was to only have one line. It is a slow sink, probs 2ips as I can tell, and it is clear and supple. Casts like a dream too, and it is a true "clear" line, unlike some that have somewhat of a greenis mono core (like Maxima line green, if you know what i mean). Anyways, Im super busy these days, but if you have more questions, ask.

Fishing forum > fly fishing for salmon & steelhead


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