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I'll be visiting Whistler this July 1-6, and my 12 year old nephew wants me to take him fishing. Could anybody share some insider information about where to go and how to fish the local lakes? He would like to keep a couple fish to eat but I've heard that the Whistler lakes are catch & release only. We'll be staying in Whistler but could drive an hour or so in a rental car to find a good lake. Does the lakes up there offer boat rentals?

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i think alta has canoe rentals and alta is your best bet,
just troll spinners and test out different lures to see which one is effective, there are tonnes of little rainbows and big cutts and a few dollies here and there
nita is your second bet and can easily be fished from shore. just use power bait and retrive spinners and spoons
for the fly leeches are a mainstay at both (they both are mostly hatchery fish so they are tricked easy)but dry flies can do amazing at nita where there are huge hatches of mayflies and cadises but for the huge cutts in Alta muddlers and minnow patterns work well. (just try to imitate a stickleback) both of these lakes are right in whistler about 2 minutes away from the village

you can keep your catch out of Alpha lake, Nita Lake and lost lake. all three of these lakes are easily accessible and are stocked each year. if your fly fishing, try a purple or olive leech, or match a hatch.
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Hands down, the most productive lake i have ever fished in Whistler is Green Lake. Im really tired and have to get up for a tennis match in a few hours against Burnaby Tennis Club, so i'll keep this short and simple, but it is all in truth:

Park at Nicklaus North Golf Course (you are allowed to, cause it's all owned by some rich dude and its part of the tourism thing that they let you, even though you are not golfing). Walk towards the lake where the float plane rental place is. Take the path to the right and follow for like four minutes. you'll come out to a sandy beach and there will be a small river that flows into the lake. If you have waders, use them here. There should be little sand piles that break up the river into about three sections where it flows into the lake. Wade over to these (be warned: the current is hella strong). If using gear, SMALL ASS gold spoons on like, four pound test. Use the smallest goold spoon you can find, and attach about two medium sized split shot about two to three feet up from it and cast out into the lake from where you are standing (should be standing on the sand bars where the river flows into the lake). Retrieve, and when the spoon is about six feet infront of you, let it hang there for a sec.

If flying, big caddis hatch comes off at night. 5wt, elk hair caddis, floating line, tonnes of fun. For the early morning, I'd use a 6 to 7wt with an intermediat to fast sinking line (type III) and these two flies: 52'buick or a clouser minnow.
Clouser: Cast along the drop offs and retrieve back towards shore. Big dollies to be had like this.
'52 Buick. Stand in that same spot like i told you earlier. Cast out as far as you can. Then strip off more line, then more line, than more line...then some backing, then some backing, then some backing...and let it all go out into the lake. Hand twist retrieve with some jerks and pauses. I'm not even kidding on how much line to let out. The current will help feed all the line out into the lake.
Once you have almost retrieved all of your line, the hit will come literally about four feet from your rod tip. MAKE SURE YOU CONTROLL YOUR LINE YOU RETRIEVE OR ELSE THE CURRENT WILL MAKE A HELL OF A KNOT IN IT.

Catch and release. Caddis hatch comes off around 5 to sunset. Morning is best fished from first light to around 11am, then it seams to just shut down. Mornings can be chilly, so i suggest hitting up 711 for a big coffee/hot chocolate and then hit the rivers. Also, do not wade off the shore towards the drop off. The bottom is super soft, like dangerous soft. Just stand in the river on the gravel bars and you should be fine.

Anyother questions, just ask, but now im going to bed.

Fishing forum > Taking nephew to Whistler


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