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Author Topic: if anyone has questions about kamloops fishing ask me... I know!! any lake or river


How old are you to have covered all of them in one lifetime? Just kidding but there are a lot to choose from. Tunkwa is still my favourite.

haha... i like jacko lake and stump at times is good but
the ph is too high ....

How is Roche Lake in the middle of May? Any suggestions for lures for Roche lake for the non-flyfisherman? What about Black Lake? I heard that there are some nice Brookies there.

I have heard great things about fly fishing the Adams river in the fall for big rainbows.I guess they feed on the sockeye eggs. I dont know the area at all but any info would be great thanks-Stewart

ive heard that roche lake is pretty hard right now(its not even open yet) but in may i would troll flatfish or hotshots at about 20 feet down and damsel flies as well.\\
i havent heard about black fishing yet this year.

ya know ive never really fished the adams river much (once or twice) but again i would try cofee grinding fst lures(gibbs) or koho's (gibbs) are also very sucsessful.

if anyone knows jacko lake right now (kamloops) its hot

trolling:troll chroines(chrome) or black,green or red leeches.

fly fishing: chronies(chrome) or black,green or red

Any idea of who I might contact to gain more info on the Adams-I plan to cast a fly-thanks for the fast responce-Stewart

how long have you lived in kamloops for?

How do u fish for pikeminnows?

The guy's asking u about flyfishing on the Adam and you're telling him to use a coffee grinder with spoons. Good advices.

hey..dont be an a**hole. I fished at jacko lake today and caught a 4 and a half pounder. So if u guys are going to be s**theads , dont bother talking to me!

we're all waiting man, how do you fish for pikeminnows. what have you cought in okanagan lake and the schuswap lakes lately. and how old are you?

Stating the truth is being an A-hole? Hand this kid a bar of soap please, his mouth needs a good wash.

Again, the dude is asking about rainbows in the Adams on the fly, and you're telling him to use a coffee grinder with big old spoons (leave the salmon alone by the way). Egg patterns on the fly should be the way to go. If u don't know, shut up and don't claim you know it.

How do u fish for pikeminnows?
fisher 696

Uhhh, with really small hooks ??????

Hey lukinstein to get back on topic I am wondering how the fishing has been upstream from mouth of Little Thompson River? We are coming up next week and want to get some action on the fly.Have you fished this area in the last month or so?

gecko if you are dropping a fly,at shuswap.use egg patterns with mylar speckling,yellow,white or red.also minnow muddlers work fantastic.almost any pattern which is considered to be an attractant will allow you success.go barbless,for the fishes sake. tight lines all

Has anyone had any experience fishing the Adams in the fall for the big rainbows that follow the sockeye? Good times to go ? How tough to get to good fishing areas? Good camping area close by? Thanks Stewc

Thank you Brookiehunter, but I was hoping to get a reply from Lukinstein since this his rant and claim to fame. Well Lukinstein?

i only have this to say, those who claim to know everything, never do, the best fishermen around are reluctant to share.

I have been Fly fishing the interior of the province for 17 years now. I have recently started teaching flyfishing lessons and taking people on guided trips.

I still have a ton to learn and as a mature person realize that I will never stop learning. For someone to come on a site like this and state that he knows everything there is to know about the rivers and lakes of the Kamloops area is ridiculous.
Even the Masters like Brian Chan and Phil Rowly are still learning so to make a claim like this is NUTS.

Luckinstein, you may know a ton about the area, but you may want to rephrase the statment you made and learn from it.

Where did our fishing expert go

It seems like he can't take the heat. If you are going to make a claim like that then you better be able to back it up, and take some BS.

If he reads this, next time don't come out of the box so strong. If you really know as much as you say you do, then prove it and then you will get the respect you then deserve.
bass master 99

for the adams it think most likely eggs and flesh will get you some "huge" rainbow cause any river that has salmon running and trout, the trout will feed on the eggs and flesh. for example, i was fishing the cheak and caught a 14inch rainbow on an egg pattern while fishing for dollies.
hope this helps

Geko, If you want some action on the fly at shushwap, maby you should try coffee grinding some small spinners? I've heard that works good.

I was asking about the area and if he had fished in lately is because it is closed. I wanted to see if he really knew what he was talking about.I do believe I smell crap coming from ones mouth. One thing someone who has any level of talent or expertize for something does not claim they are gifted of have all the knowledge. When was the last time you heard Gretzky, Brian Chan or someone else with a level of talent or knowledge boast that they have all the answers? Okay maybe Ali did, but that was his game. Anyway I guess we can call this case closed and move on to better stretches of the river, deeper lakes and bigger fish to fry.
stink finger

i have a friend who fishes in the fall for the big rainbows useing egg paterns and single eggs right at the mouth of the adams huge fish and lots of them not sure but i think end of oct i have seen the photos

I am planning a trip to the Adams this fall and have only heard about the area but know nothing really about accessability to good fishing(fly). Info about accomidation close by-I will camp but b+b or hotel/motel close by will work too- any info is appreciated-thanks Stewc

Sorrento and Chase have accommodation and are a short drive from the Adams. The fall sockeye run can be spectacular. Check the regulations first
papa fro

Haven't fished there for a number of yrs so the regs may have changed but we would anchor our cartopper right before the dropoff where the Adams meets the Shuswap smack dab in the middle. Spring and fall. Spring ---- pink&blue minnow pattern/black spots and fall ----- single egg/with a bit of white and always floating line, sinking tip.Many yrs,many fish and a fine meal once in a while! The odd big laker on the long drift too.

Thanks guys!-keep the info coming-Is it best to wade and cast a fly or use my aluminum at the mouth? Am I allowed to fish from a boat or are there any regs that I need to know of that are not obvious in the synopsis. I would like to get up there for a few days so I can explore a bit- any info on any hot spots would be appreciated or is the mouth the place to be-thanks Stewc

hey man < I fish the Adams every year for a week and there are some great fish in that system, I will round up some pics and and take pics of some of the flys I use....some weird patterns,some not
Im pretty busy but I will get on it in a couple of days

Ok lets see your info for Postill Lake.......Charts ,depth etc..heeheheh

Thanks Basshole! What week do you usually go? Where do you stay? I promise I wont stalk you( hah hah) but seriously all info is appreciated-Stewc

Fishing forum > if anyone has questions about kamloops fishing ask me... I know!! any lake or river


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