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Would like to find out where I can register my B&B, it's called Osprey Lake Retreat and is located right at the #2 boat launch on the west end of Osprey lake, Princeton.

If any one knows of places I can list be let me know, thank you

For up to date fishing reports please give me a call.

250 295-6166
Bruce Merit

Do you have a website or any other information on the B&B? It looks like a nice place to fish a few days in the summer and I would like to know more about it.

The website information for Osprey Lake Retreat is
250 295-6166
It's a great place and the fly hatches are just starting to come alive so crony fishing should start in a few weeks with Rainbow trout to 8 LBS.
I also do custom fly tying with the current hatch!

Hope to see you on the lake

Bruce Merit

How are the mosquitoes up there in the summer? I know that I just came back from Buntzen Lake and around 7pm I got eaten alive. So whats it like up there?

Last time we were there we almost had to tie ourselves in our boat or face being carried away by them.

About the mesquito situation, I have lived here full time now for two years and only used bug spray once and that was last june when it was a wet month. Normally it is like Kamloops around here in the summer where it get's too hot and dry so they are usually not a problem.

Osprey Lake Retreat

Hey Bruce, i was just wondering about the lakes on pike mountain, and if you have heard anything about them as far as ice off, and turn over. Im planning a 6 day trip up there to fish a few of my favorite lakes, Kump, Thalia and goose. Ill be goin gin mid may. As well if you had any suggestions on any good lakes, ive heard alot about clifford? I think thats what its called, im an experinced fly fishermen and would like to get into some bigger fish, so i figure your the guy to ask.

Hey Shoaley,

I usually only get to fish lakes with in 10 km from Osprey but one of the best connected fising shops in the Okanagan is Trout Water in Kelowna. They have a large white board in it with many lakes posted on it with the latest conditions.

Their number is 1 888 823-6633, can ask for Nick or Savas. Eastmere is still 2/3 covered with ice and with abotu a foot of snow on the trail at the parking area.

Osrepy Lake probably turned on the weekend so it's a little brown right now but Crony's are still producing along with black leeches, both fished closed to the bottom. Saw 7 fish rise this morning so won't be long, a fw more days or warm weather will boost the water temp. and get it up over 42 F.

Good luck.

Osprey lake Retreat.

Thanx bruce, much appreciated, i see that Osprey sits at about 1100m, and the lakes ill be fishing are all about the same, anywhere fvrom 1100 to 1200m in elevation. So id expect there at the same stage as osprey is. So by the time i get up there (may 17) they should be all dont turn-over. So i should hit'em just right for some chronie action!! thanx again. By the way what are your rates at osprey??

Dear Shoaley,

Rates at the Osprey Lake Retreat start at $85 for two for B&B, we also serve lunch on the lake and dinner to if need be. We got boats, canoes, bikes and snow shoes.

Lot's of good local info on the website.

Should be no problem fishing most places under 1400 meters by mid may. Chain lake opens today so it will be crazy.

Keep in touch.


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