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Was up at Sawmill yesterday from around 10 am to 4pm. The water is still a little dark, turn-over still not finished, but you wouldnt have known it. We were there for 6 hours and boated 7 fish, not one under 4 pounds, biggest was probably pushing 8. All on Chronies. But the real event came at about 3ish, when my buddy drew set the hook on a take, seemed to be anotyher good one, didnt move a whole lot at first, took one run out and striaght down, and after about 5 minutes, (now knowing that this was a bigger fish) the hog up and leaped on him, 3 times in a row, and let me tell you this was a big boy, ive landed alot of trout in my day, and this was one of those jaw droppers. The fight went on for a good 25 minutes ended up losin her at the boat, but it was well worth it. Alot of guys are saying that the big fish arent there anymore, but like i said we had that chromer right at the boat, and that fish was all of 13 pounds, probably more. its a shame we couldnt land her, but maybe next time if we should be so lucky. just an awsome day, the fly of choice was a #14 chromie, always seem to have success with those buggers. anyway just wanted to share, and if u get a chance give old sawmill a go!!

Good post! Good read for me!

right on shoaley. Next weekend my uncle is comming down from kelowna and i think we're either going to Sawmill or Madden, not quite too sure yet. Do you have any pictures of some of these fish??

didnt take any pics of the fish, we had the camera though, probably could have, would have loved to posted a pic of that brute, but that fishin eh. ive got plenty of pics, im old school tho and only dont yet have a digital, all on a regular photo layout. id need a scanner to post'em eh?

Ya you would need a scanner. Sounds like you fish around Oliver alot, where do you live?

Yeah i do, im from oliver, lived there my whole life. So ya ive got plenty of experience on all the lakes in the area, specifically, sawmill, madden, and kilpoola.

Nice, i lived here too my whole life. Have you tried Madden yet this year?

Ive yet to fish it, it is though by far my favorite lake, locally anyway. Once turn over is finished, those fish are all over the chronies. Its a fantastic little lake. Has alot of really nice fish, pulled a couple over 4 pounds outta there last spring. They were released, haha so they might be pushin 5 this year. Ive heard that there was a guy that caught a 9 pounder there a few years back, not sure if it was true, but i dont doubt theres some fish of that size in there. hell i know a guy who pulled a 7 pounder outta yellow for god sakes, haha. There always there just tough to fool. But if you know how to fish a chronie, you've got it made at madden this time of year.

When I camped up there years ago I had my canoe with me, and though I had several takes out in the middle the only fish I caught were small 'bows near shore. Are the big ones ever caught from shore in that lake? I have a lot of crap fly gear and don't know too much about entymology but what I did was tie on a black gnat when the mosquitoes started biting me, and that worked right away. If I remember correctly a local favourite at the time was the Doc Spratley. Pretty much the same story for Yellow Lake...... I should be in Oliver tomorrow so I'm looking forward to about 5 days of fishing.

well if you go to madden fish chironimids or scuds, fish on the shoals, at anywhere from 6 to 12 feet, u cant go wrong. and yes you can fish these from shore.

Fishing forum > Great Day at Sawmill!


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