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Author Topic: What is the best boat to get?

If one had to decide between a Pontoon Boat or a 12' Alu, what would be the better choice?
Boat would be used mainly on the regional lakes, transportation isn't the issue..

feedback is appreciated

I would get an aluminum. I have a 12' Lund and it does the perfect job around here for local lakes. Plus with an aluminum you are able to land your craft near rocks, on shore, or pretty much anywhere along a lake. Ive never had a pontoon so I have no idea what their advantages are.
My dream boat: 16' Aluminum Lund - centre console stearing - walkthrough windsheild - flat eck fishing platform - storge everywhere - 90hp outboard.

Yeah I'm tending to a Alu as well, just seems way more versatile...
What i like about the pontoon boats is that they just fit so well into the lakes environments, they're quiet, light, kind of gentle boats...


If you are planning to fish alone all the time go with a pontoon. If you are planning on fishing with others get a 10-12' flat bottomed Lund.

When I go on my own, I prefer to go in a tube or pontoon any day over being alone in a boat. It also depends on the water you are fishing. If you plan on going to larger lakes (over 60 Hectares) I would stick with a boat over a Pontoon.

That's my 2 cents worth.

I've got a tube and a 12' alum. I find I use my 12' more. The only thing I highly recomend is a decent electric motor. That's the one thing I am going to pick up soon. Can't seem to troll as slow as I'd like with the gas and I hate the noise droning in my ear. My buddy has an elec. and it is awsome. Very close to as quiet as my tube.

lol, just so happans Crawdaddy im selling an electric motor. its perfect for local lakes ect... I have used it on Buntzen Lake only since bought new last year.

Yeah Olie, I saw that. I'm going to get one that's infinitely adjustable throttle. I'm not fond of the clicky speed models. Thanks anyway.

Bye the way, those are the technical terms for them. lol

lol yeah Im looking into getting the higher priced model with maximizer.
Happy fishing

Fishing forum > What is the best boat to get?


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