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As i said in a earlier post i went to Weaver Lake this weekend and found the site and the shoreline covered with garbage..
Broken glass, bottle caps, beer cans in the bush, cigarette butts plastic.. you name it...
I spent probably half my stay picking up garbage as i can't stand seeing it suffocating this beautiful spot.
What the hell is wrong with people that have to throw everything on the ground they're walking on, can't even take an extra step to throw that can or bottle cap in a garbage bag, and if you have to bring bottles (i like my beer from the bottle as well) then dont freaking smash the bottles...broken glass everywhere...
I was worried about my pup stepping in it but other people have kids with them and you shouldn't have to worry constantly about a serious injury to happen.
Who are those jerks? If partying and being an inconsiderate, disrespectful dick is your idea of a weekend trip, stay at home! Nobody needs you!
I'm calling all "real" fisherman and nature lovers out there to stand up against this crap and speak up wherever you see something like this happening, we live in one of the most beautiful spots in the world which i take pride in and hope lots of others do so as well.
Sorry for the long post and rant but it needed to come out...

Right on. Your absolutly right.

I cant agree with you more man. I cant stand seeing garbage all over the place when I go fishing to beautiful spots like Weaver Lake. I love that lake. Its so quiet and the tranquility of the place is fantastic. Then when you see garbage and cans ect on the shore line you just feel like people out there are a bunch of idiots. The problems is the people who are polluting dont share the same idea's of the environment as we do. If they had any brains then they would appreciate what they have here in BC and wont make a mess of things. Simply go there, have a fantastic time and leave. Dont make a mess for the rest of the good guys who take such spots to heart.
I applaud you for taking the time outta your trip and cleaning the site up for us. This just tells me you are on the same page as I am. We have to put a strong foot down towards this sort of thing. If you see someone littering then ask them to pick it up and try and educate there stupid little minds on where they are and what the right thing to do is. Then if they give you any lip, smash there teeth out with a right hook and maybe then they'll learn a lesson. Im serious. Sometimes you need to stoop to their level to get across to them. Nuff said.
I cant begin tell you how much I enjoy fishing. The quiet outdoors and clean environment is wonderful. It really relieves so much stress in a persons life. Then when you see crap all over your nice lake, some of the stress comes rushing back. Dont those A-holes realize that?
Keep our fishing spots clean guys.

Im with you guys!!! I used to live out in the US, and believe or not, I would go fising on Beaches right outside of brooklyn. The site from the beach was great but there was so much garbage around...I mean SO MUCH garbage!!! Not just bottles, and food containers! I found boots, hats, tires gasoline containers etc. They had such a beautiful beach and no one respected that! While I was there, I considered proposing this program that would give fishermen a certain discount on their yearly liscence if they can clean up the beach, or pick up a certain amount of it.
I always thought that it would be more difficult for someone to pollute a place if it was impecably clean. Sometimes I feel like the only way to educate someone who pollutes is to show them the difference between a clean beach/lake/river and a discusting one.

If that doesnt work...THEN we can start throwing the right hooks!! LOL

tight lines guys
The Yak

This exactly why there is now a gate and a fee. The same thing happened at Sayers. Too many high school kids going up and partying on the weekends forced them to close these places.

Someone even took it upon themselves to burn down the outhouse at Sayer a few years back..

Just plain stupid

This is why they have removed the overnight parking along the Vedder. In general it is not the active users who do the damage.

Thanks guys, it feels good to know there are "good people" out there still...
It's just so sad to see this happening, the freedom to go to these places and enjoy them is one of the beautiful things in BC, its those idiots that will eventually ruin it for everybody.

tight lines you all....

I get very frustrated when I see this nonsense. It is no wonder our favorite spots get closed off. Some years ago, I freed a mallard drake that got tangled in discarded fishing line. The bird was weak, I have no idea if it survived.
Last evening, I umped a peewee ball game and some morons had chewed donuts with a car in the outfield. We need to do our part to preserve the beauty we are blessed with.
fisher 696

It is my belief that the damage done in the previous posts was caused by teenage hooligans that felt they had nothing better to do. With the overly permissive parenting that is running rampant in todays society, it should not be surprising that young people who have not experienced the consequences of their actions continue to do stupid things. Used to be that if you were a kid and screwed up there was an adult around to help you to understand the error of your ways, be it through a gentle explanation or a cuff upside the head. One way or another we learned not to piss off the big people. Nowadays little Johnny or Jane knows their rights and have no hesitation in exercising them. Kids are growing up wild, with little or no respect for themselves or anyone/thing. Society in general is going to hell in a hand basket. Laws protect the criminals and the lawyers.OOPS,same thing. I don't have the answers to the problems of the world, but I do lament where we are going as a society. It seems that common sense is becoming rarer and rarer. Tight lines & quiet streams to all. Shane

I agree with you there, the disrespect you get from kids these days is unbelievable.
A friend of mine is a teacher and he says as well, there is no respect and what he has to listen to sometimes is unreal while he can't do anything, can't even raise your voice these days without getting sued.
I'm not a dad myself but i know i'd try to teach my kids the same values my dad and my grandpa taught me, we sure didn't like it sometimes but boy were they right and if dad said it we knew to better listen or else.
My parents were never violent or abusive or whatever but if you pushed it too far you got the occasional smack at the head to bring you back to reality and i thank him for it today.


Wow man calm down. This is just peoples opinions on here. Relax the caps button. Im 26, been fishing since I was 20. I know that the young guys tend to get the short end of the stick, but thats life.

i always bring a couple of bags for my own garbage anyways so if there is someone elsed garbage lying around i'll throw it in too. i hauled half a tent out of the river last time i was there. if eveyone picks up a few things on their regular trips and pack it out with the garbage they're throwing out anyways it'll go a long way to keeping our outdoors as beatiful and productive as it was intended by nature despite the jerks who just dont give a damn.

Ok, i don't want to generalize too much, not saying all young peeps are bad, but just speaking from my personal experience the younger groups are usually the ones to blame, but like you guys said there are bad and good ones on all sides...


I know exactly what you guys are talking about. I have even gone so far as to phone Forestry, B.C. Environment Ministers office and the list goes on. I'm sick of not being able to let my dogs run on the beach because some moron can't pack out his garbage and instead has to smash all the glass he can find. Then there's the cheap pricks that won't spend the money for the dump. I've even sent pics into the Deputy Environment Minister. Still nothing.

What good is a government that won't listen?


thats disgusting, we pay taxes for a reason they need to get off their ass's.

I'd attend a cleanin' in the Oliver Osoyoos area...last spring a gang(about 8 or 10) from fishbc tidied Sawmill up...think was 16 commercial sized garbage bags and various larger things like tires etc...any locals wanna get together and do this kinda thing let me know...


Fishing forum > What happened to respect and decency?


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