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I live in burnaby. Just moved here.

What beach can I go and fish close to me??

What will I catch in saltwater with herring or prawns as bait?

any flounder around?


The only thing you're guaranteed to catch fron shore fishing a saltwater beach with herring or shrimp are bullheads. I know there are some small flounder in the waters off the causway and ferry terminal in Tsawassen. Tastey little guys. I've never fished for them fron shore though.

If you can get onto a log boom in the indian arm, then you may have some luck getting some flounders and even the odd cod.

From shore though you are going to be very limited at this time of the year.
later in the year you can catch Salmon from shore in the Fraser and from the beach at the mouth of the Capillano.

you can walk on the log booms?

You can. Just be very careful. If you slip and fall between the logs they can close up behind you locking you under. Just keep your wits about you and don't start log hopping. Take your time moving around on them and it should be no problem. When we had our jetskis we would run them up on the log booms in the Harrison river and have lunch on them. We never had a prob.

good stuff. so if I careful...VERY careful, I can walk a bit further out onto the log booms and throw my bait out. Right on, maybe there are a few flounder hiding underneath there. Ill give it a try

If you can, go to a sand beach and dig up some sand worms they are by far the best bait for flounder. Be careful though they have quite the bit to them. If you have cork boots or even felt bottomed boots you will be safer and will be less likely to slip.

I am new here too. Is anything running in the Fraser at the moment? I went to Derby Reach this morning and wet a line. Yahooo!!! At the moment I have a decent spinning rod but small spoons and flatfish in the tackle box.Definitely need to upgrade.

Nothing Running yet, need to wait a few more months.

If you head into the valley and hit some of the small sloughs that come off the fraser you may get into the odd Cuttie, but it is even a little late for that.

If you are new to the area, wait until September when the Pinks are running. Throw anything pink out and hold on.


This is the second time you tell me that the fall will be good fishing. Does it really get that good? You're making me really anxious dude!!!!

if youve never experienced salmon and steelhead your in for a treat

When pinks are running, it is that good. I think the only bad thing about them is my arm hurts after fishing. Not that I'll complain though. you can go a few hours and still hook loads. The river runs thick with them, for now.

The best day I had on the Fraser for pinks was 64 in 7hrs.

If this does not turn your crank, nothing will.
I would say I catch an average of 15-20 pinks in a 7-8hr day and they all fight great.

See you on the river

HOLY F**K!!!! I just read your posts to my brother and he's freaking out too!!

I cant wait!!!!!!!
Louis Vuitton

When it comes to pink salmon, I'll keep my limit. Coho, I'll catch a couple for the BBQ and thats it, and maybe give one to a friend. But the pinks, yeah, I caught probably 40 in a week. You're only allowed 4 per day, and I kept my quota on them. Kept 23 of them. Smoked salmon, canned salmon, pickled samlmon, salmon sufle, blah blah. The fall is baller for salmon man. You can catch flounders and stuff in the spring and summer over sandy bottoms closer to shore when they come in to spawn a bit, but like, the late summer to fall is just bangin for salmon. 3/8oz hammered gold croc with a red/pink/orange stripe...hold on.

I forgot to mention, I catch ALL my Pinks on the fly with a 7-8 weight rod.

MAN! Ive been part of forums before but Ive never been this 'sold' on the thought of such good fishing!! Keeping 4 fish a day is a bit much for me because I dont know anyone in vancouver to give fish to yet, BUT...just the idea of so much catch and release!! Wow!!

Im gonna start doing weights...just for my arms to get ready for the fall! LOL

ashtonspoutine, where did you move here from?

Can some one tell me the retention limit on pinks also the possesion limits thanks.
fisher 696

Howdy all. I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. If you go on log booms you are trespassing. Most mills will not care but if caught you can get in trouble, I'm not saying you will, but be aware that you can get in trouble. Be mindful of your attitude and all should be well. Also if you can walk out to the log boom, keep an eye on the tide, cuz you may have to swim back. Pink limits are usually 4 per day, possession limit is twice the daily limit. The possession limit does not apply to what is in your freezer at home,only the max number of fish that you can possess on the trip home from fishing.

Hey Crawdaddy! I moved here from New York. Im actally from Quebec but have been moving around for the past 4-5 years or so. I really learnt how to fish in Long Island, NY thats why Im asking about saltwater beaches, thats what Im used to. Im just hoping some of gear and knowledge applies to the mighty salmon and the giant halibut.

We'll see!!

tight lines
Louis Vuitton

Well, you coulda said where you were from earlier. I'm going to guess you fished for Albies and Stripers, just coming from NY. Same will Bluefish and Mackerel. If targeting coho from a beach, you could use the same casting gear that you use for Stripers and Albies. If fly fishing for coho, use the same as you would for the stripers (9wt), if that's what you have. A 9wt would be overkill for a pink salmon though. Though, if you decide to start getting into fly fishing for coho if you haven't already, go to Berry's Bait and Tackle in Richmond, get the the Scientific Anglers Striper Line, in the Coho Taper. I know for a fact that they carry it. It's called the Coho Taper, or at least that's what they call it at the shop. It is a cold water striper line that is very smooth. I highly recomend it.


Thanks Louis!
Yup, Stippers and Blues all day long in NY. I actually was very lucky last year and spent a good while in Mass. and Rhode Island and we would kill the bass out there. Thanks for the info. Havent tried flyfishing yet but Im gonna sign up for a class this month at sea-run.

I kinda miss the strippers for now but that will only last until I hook into my first salmon I think.
tight lines

If you want a indepth Private flyfishing class, give me a call. I teach Flyfishing and my classes are alot more personal and indepth than the others out there because I spend more time with the student and my class sizes are limited to 1-2 for private, 2-4 for semi private, and 7-10 for group classes.

Call me at 604-722-0491 if you would like more info.


Hey Flyfisher! Sounds good! Ill give you a call sometime early May. My 3 brothers and I would love to learn to fly fish. We've been procrastinating for a year now!

This will give me a few months to practice before the fall run!

Tight lines


Go check out my website/Blog for more info
green guy

some bundles sink and there is lots of crap to get snaged up on, chains and straps that have been dropprd and who knows what else. i would say that the tugs wouldnt really care if your on any boom unless they are yarding there and are taking the one your on.they dont own the wood ,they just move it.besides alot of them are fishermen anyway!

yeah, the more I thought of it, the less I wanted to fish from one of those booms

booms are DANGEROUS, if the logs part and you go in the logs can close up, you may not come up, it happens many times a year.

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