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Hey guys,

Just moved here. Im originally from quebec but Ive been saltwater fishing in NY for the past 2 years. Im getting mixed answers from various bait/tackle shops around Vancouver wether its a lot better to fish from a boat (in the bay or ocean) or from the banks or rivers, lakes, or shore.

In NY, fishing from a boat made fishing 10 times better. In a day of fishing, I could litterally catch 10 times more fish from a boat. Of course there was more catch and release over there.

Still, is the investment worth it for fishing?
Will I really have more chances from a boat to catch the salmon?
Will my fishing season last longer?

what do you guys think?

*editing my own post*
To be clear, I wanted to get a saltwater boat, not a skiff or kayak, I nice sized boat (26 feet or more) strictly for saltwater.

No ands, ifs, or buts, if you want to fish in the Ocean you will need a boat. For Salmon in the Fraser river no boat is needed as long as you are willing to share the banks with 100,000 other fishermen.

But is the fishing that much better in the ocean? Or will I do jus fine from shore?
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It depends what you are fishing for, and how you are fishing for it. I have never caught a salmon from a boat, ever. I have been out for them in a boat, but I have never landed one. I catch coho fresh in the ocean right off the beach. When the Pink Salmon are running, I will catch my limit off the banks of the Fraser river. Our rivers and lakes have tonnes of fish in them too, and they are readily full of trout and other fish. But if you have the time and money for a boat, then why not? I have just never had a good amount of success from a boat here.

Awesome. So there is some decent beach fishing??
Do you use bait or lures?

From the beach,
what kind of bait?


If you ask me a boat is always handy, for any kind of fishing. However a 26' would be a bit big for most lakes around here, not to mention a bit risky to navagate the Fraser (at least up by Chilliwack and beyond) If you are going to use it striktly for Ocean fishing then great. But if you want a boat that's more versitile I would think smaller. I've got a 12' alluminum that goes anywhere, easy to launch, cheap on gas and I don't have to fight to keep my spot. Salmon fishing on the Fraser can be a frustrating experience from shore.

I most likely will be strictly ocean fishing. I just cant handle fishing with a crowd.

Thats not true. I cant handle fishing with a crowd of people who dont respect another fishermans space.

So most likely i will be out on a boat.


If you are thinking of getting a boat for the Ocean go check out "Double Eagle" they are great boats for fishing in the ocean.

I agree. We had a 17' double eagle for years. We used to launch in Tsawassen and run out the fraser, past the sandheads and over to Porlier or Active pass to fish for salmon. Great little boat, real nice deep V hull. We've braved some pretty ugly seas in that boat and it never had a problem.

thanks for the link flyfisher...

Im gonna need to start my studying to find the proper boat.

Ill give it 10-12 months of educating myself before making the decisions.

Thats means 10-12 months of solid bank fishing.

If any of you are headed out anytime soon, my two bros and I would love to tag along. Give me a shout if you dont mind sharing the bank.

This is a Pink year, You will have a ton of fun fishing from the banks in September/October. Just use ANY lure or fly that has pink in it and you WILL catch some scrappy little fish in the 3-7 lb range


Fishing forum > Just moved here -Boat or NO boat


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