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Does anyone know if they will ever open the gates?!!? Ive been to sayers a few times and the gate is never open. Also i read somewhere that some fisherman came across dead fish so they got a diver buddy to check it out and they were allover. cant remember where i read it, anyone hear the same? ive read for years of trophy trout in there.

I talked to a guy who used to fish Sayers way back. He says the trout in that lake are so old and big that they have a gnarled hooked snout like a spawning salmon. He's also said to get the big ones you have to drop bait (bait ban in effect) down to the very deepest area of the lake and just wait. It is a real deep lake too. I havn't heard anything about dead fish though. Maby it was salmon?

no they specifically said trout, but it was in florence i beleive. they said the diver saw many large fish on the bottom.

I've been up in that area a few times and the gates have always been locked. I think they just got fed up with the idiots going up and making a mess. More and more places up that way are being locked down. I know the stave mud flats are a favorite place for morons to burn cars. Davis Lake was gated, so they cut down the gate, now they've dug a huge ditch and piled the dirt up on the other side. If people don't start cleaning up after themselves we're all going to have to hike in to fish.

its a shame, florence is listed as a trophy lake. not many places localy that have brook trout.
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It ain't no trophy lake to me. I've gone there three times and got skunked using every fly in my box. i've heard there are big fish in there but it's probably like ivey lake, moody and slow most of the time. (ivey actually heats up though at the right time of year)

its listed as having good numbers of fish 3-4 pounds. all recent reports ive read supported the fish kill rumour.

Fishing forum > Florence/ Morgan lakes.


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