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I wanna know how many hooks I can use in River and Ocean. Any rules?


Check your regulations.

I checked the website, but I still cant find the rules for hooks in the Ocean fishing.

My friend asked a person who works at Nikka you can use many hooks in the Ocean fishing, is it true?

I am not sure what kind of fishing you will be doing but, for salmon in the ocean you must use barbless hooks and you can fish 2 rods down on one downrigger but they must be single barbless hooks. As for other speices in the ocean you would need to contact fisheries and oceans and ask them. As for the rivers, Tidal waters follow tidal regs, and the rest are under the freashwater regs. All freash water rivers in BC are single barbless hooks only, but again call fisheries and ask them.

I will do normal boat fishing near Horseshoe Bay, I dont catch Salmon, I only catch Sole, Rock fish, Greenline...

How many hooks I can use with a line?

Like everyones been saying man, Call fisheries and ask. Most of us don't know and it's the only way you are going to be guaranteed a correct answer. I don't know 'bout you but I'm not willing to wager my truck, boat, $ and/or freedom that some guy on a webiste told me the right answer.

I Agree Crawdaddy. I would phone fisheries if i was not sure.

check out this website:

It seems I can use 1 hook ~_~

Darn, eh? That really takes the sport out of it...

Fishing forum > Limited for Hooks???


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