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never used them before they are wicked for trout. they use the concept of balancing the float by adding water inside of it. i was casting long distance all day and all i had for a weight was one split shot. their clear too, and cheap 2.50 when the sun came out and i couldnt spot the clear float i threw a yellow bead on top of it.
bass master 99

they're great floats, i have even used mine river fishing for when it is low and clear and the fish are extra spooky.

They also work for spincasting a fly. If you fill them just to the point that they barely float, leave about 5 feet from float to fly and reel real slow, the bobber moves just below the surface while trailing the fly. The weight of the water lets you cast way out. I used to fish in Alberta like this and everyone thought I was nuts. Always got my limit though. (I would have used a fly rod but I'm still not so good at not hooking myself with one)
They do also sell them in a 1/2 red model and at least 2 sizes.

Fishing forum > Adusta bubble floats


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