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what do you guys carry? i carry a knife or my multi tool, space blanket, lighter or matchs, pen flare gun w/bear bangers, fire starters, and a straw i have that is actually a carbon filter which removes ecoli, etc... just curious what people use/ carry.

I also carry water purification tablets and power bars. The camping supply stores also may have the high protein bricks. They taste like stale shortbread but are a huge energy boost. Just don't drink a lot of water with them, you will get bloated in a hurry.
bass master 99

nothing unless im camping, then ill carry a first aid kit

I carry a milti tool, something to start a fire, hand/foot warmers, small 1st aid kit and a glowstick or two on every outing. If I'm going further out in the bush I'll take more supplies depending on if I'm on land or water. I've got recovery equip. for my 4x4, handheld GPS (handy for hike in), large first aid/survival kit and I'm sure I'm missing some of it.
papa fro

1 box of waterproof matches with a hundred dollar bill folded up on the bottom!! No kidding,knives and bandaids and tools all fit in my vest but the box stays in my pocket and has actually been put to the test when the boat flips and all goes over and you find yourself soaking wet and freezing miles downstream with just a cold lifejacket to sit on.Light a fire wait for help and be sure to buy your rescuer a wee dram!!

Fishing forum > Survival gear


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