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This was probably the best day of fishing on Vedder ever! You know, certain days may be good for certain species of salmon, but right now everything works. Everything.

I managed to land several Cohos, Chums, Pinks, Springs and even Spring jacks!!! All in all 21 fish landed and lot's escaped!

Heavy current pushed all the fish from staging areas closer to the shore, they are on the move and very aggressive! One Coho smashed the bait while I was retrieving my tackle getting ready for the next cast.

Water level still raising. While I was there it went up 20 cm or so.

Check the fishing report.

Tight lines and sharp hooks!

That's true.
I've got 3 Cohos and 1 Spring.
What a day!

Thanks alex, only roe bag works? I went vedder for fishing today, you could see a lot of fish in front of you, but they did not bite at all. I use ROE color wool.

PS, how to prepare a roe bag? Or can you buy it from a bait store?
Dyer Straits

nadir: roe is very effective whether it be in bags or just on its own. Wool can also be very effective but it must be presented properly. Make sure it is trimmed down to about the size of a single egg without threads hanging off. You may also be missing the hits as they tend to be more subtle, especially with coho. Keeping a tight line is key. As for preparing single eggs...start by putting your single eggs (whether they come out single from a fish or removed from the skeins) into a tub of cold water and remove the blood as it clots. Make sure that your fish is bled properly as soon as possibly. This is key when preparing roe. Now remove the eggs from the cold water and find a mason jar or something like it and fill it 3/4 full of cold water again. Now the next step involves adding salt...coarse salt works of kocher not use regular iodized salt as it will ruin the eggs. Pour in salt until it is totally saturated and no more salt can be absorbed. Put the eggs into the salty brine and add lots of food colour. There are many differnt colours available depending on what colour you want your eggs. Store your eggs in this mixture and make sure they are refrigerated. To tie the bags...go out to the tackle shop and buy a package of spawn bags...much like cheese cloth. They come in many different colours, so choose the colour that matches your eggs. Put an individual sheet in your cupped hand and add some eggs, the number can vary depending on what the water conditions are and what you are fishing for. Close up the piece of cloth and twist at the top making sure that all corners are together without any gaps that eggs could escape. After it is twisted, use a piece of spider thread, also available at the tackle store, and wrap it around the bag and cinch it tight. Trim off the excess cloth above the thread you just finished wrapping...there you have it...a roe bag. Good Luck.

As a newbie to salmon, I was expecting some beginner luck. Not a chance Did see some guys catching lots of fish. They kinda overtook our spot.

Dyer - I use wool in peach and bright green. No luck. Should I be using a color closely match with roe? Deep red? Do you use scene (shrimp) with the roe bag?

BTW - How do you tye a roe bag to a hook? Through the egg loop?

PS - The water is very high and it was rainning very hard when we left so just faster water.

Will try again soon, becuase I just spent a small fortune on Convergence rod and Catala reel.


hey alex what part of the river were you fishing??tahimi rapids, peach st...keith would be very helpful if you could reply....thanks much!!!!!
Dyer Straits

For this water right now the best colours of wool are pinks and oranges and reds. Roe is most effective however in this high water. I do use Anise oil or roe oil on my bags and shrimp oil on my wool (sometimes). High water means lots of colour and lots of scent. Colorado blades (bigger ones) can also be very effective right now. Witht the water how it is, especially on the vedder, fish pocket water and shallow runs close to shore. Coho will be holding wherever they can escape the current and the big springs. For the roe bags, I just slip the hooks through the bag between the can put it in the bait loop if you like.

el-nino, I was fishing Tamahi Rapids (as you can see in the posted fishing report). But particular fishing spot is less important at the moment - check top ten spots on the home page - all of them produce fish.

Trick is in the technique. There were people standing next to me and they got basically nothing (not to count couple snagged fish).

Dyer Straits told you the most important thing - salmon takes the bait gently. You can hardly notice it. Even though I am using the float, my decision to strike will be long before it will actually disappear under the water.

Even with regular gear I would keep the line tight by holding it with the free hand - similar to fly fishing. This way you can feel even the slightest take. Most of the fish will be hooked in the tip of the mouth. Salmon takes bait and then spits it immediatelly.

One more thing - don't cast far. All the fish is right there near your feet during high water.

And finally - frequent casts are much better then long drifts. It is not about how much time your bait stays in the water - it is about how it moves.

Tight lines and sharp hooks!

thanks alex and dyer S. i went to lickman road at around 4pm today and nailed a nice 22lb spring with plenty of eggs inside. i'll be busy curing these tonight.

I went to the Tamahi today. Got a few fish and lost many. Keeper only 1 coho.

Will try again soon.

BTW - What would be a good bait for Spring and Coho? Wool in combo, green and red? or just roe.

I don't have any roe right now, where can I buy cheap roe that would be good for Spring and Coho? Gas station? or at tackle shop?


The best roe is being sold by the shop "On the Way" along the Vedder River. Ask for roe bags, they sell them for $1.50 or so per 5 bags. Bags are really durable compared just to cured roe. The ones that come with shrimp flavor and in pinkish color do magic on Vedder.

hey alex what is a spring jack? and when you say Curing roe, do i need some special chemical sold in tackle stores to pro cure eggs? or is it a homemade cure
Dyer Straits

John- a spring jack is an immature spring returning a year or two early to spawn. They ensure that there is enough males for the females to successfully spawn. As for curing roe check my other post about that. Pro-Cure is a commercial powdered cure that can be bought at most tackle stores. This is probably the most effective method for curing. There are others such as straight borax or coarse salt. Do a check on the net and check out the different methods for curing roe.

Just wondering if it's strange to catch a male coho? Looks like everyone is catching the female, except me.


I've gotten some roe from a chum.
I've clean the roe, put it in salt solution with food color.

Is this the same as using ProCure?

How long should the eggs be in the solution?

After that, what should I do to keep these roe until next year, since I can't possibly use 'em all up this year.

I did have a good time today at Vedder. Roe def. works much better than yarn. I lost soo many fish, even with 20lbs leader.

Dyer Straits

Kingfish - Are these skeins of roe or single eggs? This method is not pro cure. pro cure is a product that can be bought in stores...its a powdered cure. If these are singles you are talking about....did you soak them in river water prior to curing them? If not I just store them in the solution...much like pickling.

Hi Dyer,

Thank you for replying. I soak this in cold water, then in cold salt solution and food color. They are separated eggs not in skein.

Are these "powder" cure good for only roe bag? Can I add smell to the eggs? If yes, how?

I test some and they took up the color well. I guess they are not much good for individual hook? Can these be dry as you said on the other msg, using Procure?

Dyer Straits

Ok it sounds like you are doing it right...soak overnight in cold (ice cold) water and then put it in a salt solution. Try to avoid tap water if possible (chlorine) and use coarse salt or kocher not use iodized salt. Procure is not the best for singles because it may dry them out too much. The best way is the way you did it....but to achieve the best possible eggs....soak them in river water for a few hours before you cure them. Pro cure is really meant for skeins. When you are finished tying the singles in bags...put them in a container or ziploc and it you want to apply scent, just put a drop on each bag.


I've tried to dry the roe for hooking as single. Did work well as the internal of the egg is still very runny. Is this "power cure" method only good for "roe bag"?

BTW - Have you been to Vedder in the last 2 days? Any luck? It was really slow today. I only hook 2 fish and they both got away.

Dyer Straits

kingfish - If you follow my directions to a should end up with a swollen, rubbery egg that takes a lot of effort to break. No need to dry the single eggs. Pro Cure should, IMO, only be used for skeins of eggs, but can be used as a colour agent for single eggs. No I have not been to the vedder in like 2 weeks, I like to fish other rivers, especially ones local to me.

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