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Where can we find large rainbows in BC. I have found that the large bows have been getting less and less in waters that have held large trout in the past. I remember going out to many of the lakes in the interior and leaving with at least 4-6 fish over the 4 pound range, and 1 or 2 over 6. Now i have found the large fish are harder to find and of you do see them crusing, they are alot more skiddish.
I do know of a few lakes which still hold very large trout, but even in these lakes they are getting less and less.
I hope we as fisherman and the government can get together and start to get this problem under control before its to late.

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Alot of the interior lakes are now being stocked with 3n triploids, but a few lakes I know of that hold big trout are Dragon Lake and iether Roche or Sherridan (maybe both), but I know one of those two lakes slogan are "Where the fish are measured in pounds, not inches". I am pretty sure though that Dragon is catch and release, but I might be wrong on that. From what I've read and seen, Dragon lake rainbows are said to be like lake dwelling steelhead, and if you go after them with a fly, you should be using an 7 or 8wt rod.

Sawmill lake just outside of Oliver, has some real monsters in it. It's catch and release, barbless fly only. Your average fish will be around 4-5 pounds, but it's common to pull out some over 8 pounds. Okanagan lake has some HUGE bows in it, buddy pulled one out about a month ago that was 14 pounds. Osoyoos lake also has some big ones. You'll have to bear the cold weather and go out around the middle of February and at the very beginning of march. I pulled out a 7.5 pounder last year and my buddy got one just under 10.


if you are willing togo to the island, elk lake rainbows are up to 5 or 6 pounds and you will probably catch many 2-3 pounders. this lake is stocked you can keep your fish. if you happen to catch a bass, watch for closed times.

There are some huge rainbows in Dragon but they are only active for about 2-3 weeks after ice out. Once the lake turns, the fun is over until just before it ices up.
It is a shallow lake surrounded by farms and summer homes so I don't think there would be much point keeping a catch but they are sure entertaining on light gear.

Thanks for all the info guys.

Beefeater? Where is Elk Lake?

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for Elk Lake, its near Victoria, its a regional park run by the city of Victoria

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hey can someone direct me to a good place to fish any salmon on the vedder. email me at
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With the recent flooding that the river has seen, it will be necessary to re-learn the river. Holes & spots fill in and we need to be ready to hike around for new spots.Lickman has undergone tremendous changes in the past 5 yrs.The rest of the river will follow suit.
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Just my opinion but if you keep taking the big ones home, how do you expect to keep catching big ones. I personaly go to the salt and catch my 4 salmon for meat, and maybe have a fresh rainbow for shore lunch, but gereraly release most of what I catch, to try to preserve the fishery. I know we are allowed our limits but IMO too many people do exactly that and if we kill all the big ones every time how can they keep up. So I guess thats my answer to your question, the "big ones" are in your freezer.

think a creamy dill sauce would go good with trout?
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butter and garlic, salt and pepper, on the beach over an open fire.
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Once gutted, throw a bunch of whatever (lemon slices, butter, garlic, dill...AND AN ICE CUBE, like from the cooler) into the trout where it's contents were. Put it into an aluminum foil jacket and put it into the coals. I'm told- but i don't like to eat trout anyways. That's just what I do for salmon.

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