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what is a good age to start taking little kids fishing. i have a neice who is just over a year old who i'd eventually like to take. and my nephew as well but he'll have to wait. hes only a day old

I have found that its hard to have a good time fishing with kids, when all day you are fixing their bird nests and snags.
My nephew is 6 and we went out last year and it was a real pain. But this year he is 7 and wanting to learn. I guess it all depends on the maturity of the child and the patience of your self!

bass master 99

It all depends if the kid is willing to go fishing or not. Also usually their personality would be a good way to determine whether they would like it or not

I took my nephew out last summer and he caught a 4 pund small mouth on his little rod. He's only 4 but every time I go over to the island that is all he wants to do with me. My son was just born in November and he'll be hitting the lakes this spring.It's never too early to start it just make it enjoyable even if you aren't catching fish. Load up on games but not too much liquid for the little ones.

Its NEVER to early to get the little one or ones out fishing. I took my guy out fore the first time when he was 2 years old.In my opinion you got to just let him or her just take it in ,don't push it. If they wanna hold the rod cool if not let them play with the worms.No kid is gonna want to hold a rod for 3 hours strait so bring the wife and let them just run around.If you get them out on the Lake or on the river at that age they don't have to be fishing to BE FISHING.

So I would take your neice out now as soon as possible even not to fish, but to watch you fish.

Tight lines

First fish , a 5 inch Bass.

Yeah fishing for kids is great, just make sure they have plenty of things to do, there attention span likely will not last until the fish bites. For a kid, watching a rod that is not doing anything is Hell.

Or find a stream with not stop action for trout that will hook them on fishing for sure.( I think four is a good age to gently introduce them to the sport)
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Keeping in mind the attention spans of children, bring LOTS of patience. Are you bringing them to fish with YOU, or are you trying to introduce them to the great outdoors? Either way you must let them have fun in whatever form THEY decide. To within reason of course. If you nag them and keep telling them what they are doing wrong, they will associate fishing with negativity and likely not want to repeat the adventure. Encourage them with all successes & down play the failures or short comings. Yes, you will have birds nests etc. However expect it and realize, that it is the time spent with your children now that will set the stage for your relationship later in life. Just like building a house, you need a strong foundation before you can create anything worthwhile. No child is too young to spend time on the river or lake shore. Activities need to be tailored to suit the littlest campers but no better place to grow up than in the company of nature. Respect and admiration of wildlife and nature is better learned hands on than on TV..........end of rant.. ty

excellent. i know a place where i can take them. there is grass, sand and a dock to fish on, all of which have plenty of room to play with trucks or dollies or make sandcastles. there are perch that'll eat anything for a fast bite and when a big fish gets on the line let 'em reel it in. i just want to share them one of my favorite hobbies and hopefully they enjoy the quality time with (moi) their auntie.

Anyone know how and where to catch bait fish from the shore?
(BC lower mainland inlets or lower Fraser river)
I'd like to take my childern net fishing for smelt or maybe eulachon but have never done that myself.

Any info or a how-to would be appreciated so that the kids will be succsessful and have fun. That way they might be interested to try more challenging fishing later.

Fishing forum > little tykes


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