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bass master 99

how is the vedder doing right now. I'm going out there tommorow just wondering if anyone knows

I know there was a derby today, last week it was still very muddy and fast!

was there last saturday from upper to lower.

couple of nice new runs and pretty much fishable.

however, not many of steelies there yet.
bass master 99

went theretoday.
not much happening yet steely wise. had a couple a cutthroats hit my goey bob and that was it
too deep to wade to some bars that we probably would have had luck at
stink finger

i heard 300 people in the derby and 4 fish

Exectly 365 people were there with 4 hatch fish.

Couple of wild were landed too.....

went theretoday, still not much happening yet steely wise. saw one small one pulled out but that was it.
bass master 99

I think we should wait till mid jan. then it should pick up a bit.
Also C n' R should be practice or else the vedder will be like the capilano steelhead run
stink finger

hatchery steelhead are ment to be killed why do they keep releasing them down river after they have reached the hatchery, having said that i released a hatchery about a month ago the chilliwack system is huge compared tothe cap i dont totally disagree but that is why they are there to kill and enjoy
bass master 99

whatever buddy
bass master 99

stink finger

let the fish go so someone else can kill it good plan that will work
Coho Cody

bass master, thats the point of the vedder river hatchery steelhead. they encourage anglers to kill them. thats why they keep producing them
bass master 99

Well if those anglers want better fishing and more fish then they should release everything they catch. Then we could make the fishery like it was in the day.

Well that explains why the runs are getting smaller and smaller. There are sure allot of guys that believe that these runs are doing well and will last forever or believe that if someone else is doing it then that must mean it is ok. So, if five guys snap their rods in half because they don't catch anything then chances are there will be a fourth guy that will do it because it looks like the right thing to do.Wow never thought pear pressure would unveil itself on the Vedder? The reason there are hatcheries is because people take , take and take. Yes, the environment is having a negative effect on the runs but not near the negative effect that poaching and non-releasing fisherman are. I have fished for over 35 years and I have never kept a Steel Head nor will I ever. I am lucky enough to have a father showed me the meaning of conserve and protect. That is why I can go back to spots that I have fished with my father and grandfather and still catch fish.

I have been working with a hatchery for a couple years now, and to see a comment like this, totally defeats our purpose.

"thats the point of the vedder river hatchery steelhead. they encourage anglers to kill them. thats why they keep producing them"

The hatchery program was put in place to ensure the survival of the steelhead population. WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO KILL HATCHERY FISH! HATCHERY FISH WILL BREED, AND CREATE A STABLE WILD STEELHEAD POPULATION. We are not working to provide table fair for anglers!

..i love seein this battle erupt simple solution all "cnr" guys and hatchery folks and tree huggers alike should GEt a Screaming mob of People and sit on the door step of the fisheries and demand a law change in the that being said i would be in support of "cnr" all steelhead just so my children could have the oppertunity to hook into one of the most beautifull species of fish on the planet 2cents...
stink finger

if you are trying to create a stable population of fish would it not be better not to recycle these fish after they have reached the hatchery
bass master 99

but ya know what they say guys,
any head is good head

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