Fishing forum > Anyone ever try boilies for carp? If so, what recipe do you suggest?

Author Topic: Anyone ever try boilies for carp? If so, what recipe do you suggest?

The Yak

syrup, corn, sweet jam like strawberry and bread rolled into little balls

Worked for me last year

didja pull in some big ones? where'd you go? Is burnaby lake pretty full of them?
fisher 696

Bby lake does indeed have some big carp in it. I was canoeing there this summer and on they south side of the lake you will find a number of feeding channels. I saw at least 20 fish the day I was there. Quite a surprise when I paddled over the first pair, they took off like a bat outta hell, through up a pressure wave that made me think. I sat still for a few minutes & sure enough they came back, musta been in the 15 to 20 lb range. Fun to catch but I wouldn't eat them.
bass master 99

I wouldn't eat carp in general. Except maybe some species
The Yak

Riverside Fly & Tackle sells bollies by the big bag made by a British company called DAM. They know their carp...

Will carp be biting right now? Or are they fairly dormant in the winter?

hello every body i'm from england and spend most of my time carp fishing. if you need any advice then just drop me a line and i will offer any help that i can.

as for boilies they are a very good way of catching carp, and as you may discover they dont work as well in the winter due to the coldness of the water and the inability of the flavour to seep out of the boilie into the water. to enhance the attraction it is always good to have a bait dip the same flavour as the boilie.

one of the most sucessful methods of catching carp in u.k. and europe is by using what is called "the method". this is where you attach a feeder onto the line which is free running with hair rig attached to the end with a size 8 hook with a hair on the back and your chosen bait on it.

i will send pictures to people if they need further explaination.

i am coming to canada on holiday in march for a few weeks and am moving out there in the next year for ever, so i need to know the best fishing spots. hope to hear from someone.


this is good website and gives you a step by step guide on how to make our own boilies

what hair rigs are
how to make a hair rigs

is carp fishing any good over there??

are many people doing it??

is there potential market for sales and instruction??

The Yak

It's not a huge market as there really isnt a lot of interest in it with the incredible Salmon Trout and Steelhead fishing, carp really dont get much attention and the carp fishing ois pretty limited.

With that said it is catching on just like bass fishing.

I for one am going carp fishing in August up in the okanagan.
bass master 99

hey yak,
have you ever entered the tuc el nuit derby?
The Yak

I go to Oliver every year with my family and we stay at Lakeside resort on Tuc el Nuit Lake but we always go up the week after (second week in August)so unfotunatly no.

The last few years I've concetrated on catching Bass in Vaseux and hitting the trout lakes up on the hill.. Madden/Bear Sawmill etc... The carp are pretty spooked after that derby and have had a hell of a time trying to catch them. I've only caught 2 in the past 3 years. I think I've got it figured out this year though.

bass master 99

We (my family/friends) stay at lakeside to. I know what you mean by the carp getting spooked, i haven't caught 1 and ive been going there for about 10 years. Mind you i haven't fished the lake for the first 7. I've only been to madden lake out of bear and sawmill. I didn't have any luck. What could I catch em' with at the three lakes.

The Tuc-l-nuit derby is a catch and kill thing I've been told. I've been doing catch and release carping for the last 5 years and like it so much I don't want to be around there when that thing's on. I make my own boilies and find that they'll work on our carp first time out quite often even though they've never seen one before.

I am from the uk & very glad 2 c all this info about carp looking 2 fish for same when i come out in aus staying for 2 mouths hopefully move out for good if i can find the right job in a year or two.
Is there any good tackle shops in vancouver area ?

There's not really any good places to buy carp specific gear so we rely on U.S. based suppliers like Wacker Bait and Tackle, P&S Fishing, Scorpion Tackle, Resistance Tackle, Big Carp Tackle (American Carp Society on-line store) as well as e-bay. There's also a lot to be said for making our own stuff out of localy available materials or having friends from the U.K. bring care packages when they come visit. If you like to buy ready made baits you're going to be in trouble unless you want to make the occasional trip down into the states, but the carp here aren't shy at all so you can usually catch them on just about anything. I'm planning on leaving for Vancouver tomorrow or the next day and plan to fish a few places there and then a bunch in the interior. Our carp where I live grow to 50 lbs but the biggest one I've gotten in my 5 years of carping is a 30. If you have any trouble finding the websites for those tackle shops let me know and I'll send you the links.


Come to Bolean Lake in Falkland, B.C. Half way between Vernon and Kamloops. We have 3 lakes 5000 ft. up! Bolean, Spa and Arthur. They all have wild rainbow trout and range from 10" inches to 2 1/2 lbs. Check us out on the web. Hope to see you soon...Sandra

Fishing forum > Anyone ever try boilies for carp? If so, what recipe do you suggest?


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