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Author Topic: Triploid Salmonids......lets compare notes.

Anyone ever heard of these baddies?
Louis Vuitton

If trout are a salmonid, then yes, but I can't see them ever wanting to make 3N Salmon, as they can't reproduce. The Advantage to 3N trout is that they don't spawn, and put all of their energy into eating, so they grow pretty big, and because they can't spawn, they don't interbreed with wild trout species in sensitive bodies of water. But when it comes to salmon, and the fact that the runs are already getting a fragile, I cannot see them wanting to created non-fertile salmon.

My 2 cents.


Merry Christmas

Trout are a salmonid, I meant trout. Anyone know of any lakes in BC that have 3N trout?
The Yak

Go to the website and look it up on the stocking tables.
Louis Vuitton

Mill Lake in Abbotsford for sure. I've seen footballs come out of there.
bass master 99

All lakes in the lower mainland are going to be stocked with fraser valley 3n trout

Fishing forum > Triploid Salmonids......lets compare notes.


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Sat, Feb 17, 2018
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