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what lakes produce fish over 5 (or close) pounds in southwestern bc? i have a car now, and so i got to plan a good fishing trip for springtime. i just dont want to spend that whole time looking for a spot to be hauling out 1/2 pounders. info or directions would be great thanks

Sawmill Lake, west of Oliver, produces rainbows upwards to around 10-12 pounds. Lots in there are in about the 3-7 pound range. Catch and release, fly only.

The Yak

I've been to Sawmill the last2 seasons a had a 7 pounder outta there last summer... It's a good choice.

If you want big rainbows try going to Island(Big OK) lake. The lake is located about 50kms souht on a gravel road from Hyland vally copper mine . It is approx half way between ashcroft and merrit. This lake is fly only and has a strict catch and relese policy, but for me the best lake in southern BC to catch the big ones. My biggest out of Island was 13.5 Pounds 2 years ago. I found that the best time to fish this lake(due to its high elevation 5000+ feet) is in the second week of june with cronies and for second to none dry fly action 1st or 2nd week of july for a unbelivible sedge hatch. If you go make sure that you bring BIG sedges,and big dragons sizes 4-8 these fish love big flies. The road in isn't to bad but the last 1\2 km is quit rough to get to the camp sites (4X4).

Wishing everyone tight lines and tons of fish.

how necessary would that 4x4 be? like just big puddles or are we talking driving over logs and bigass rocks and stuff?

Last year and the year before, me and a buddy srarted fishing the north end of Osoyoos lake for monster rainbows. I have a map to where there is a nice, every private boat launch. We use 3-4 inch apex lures with no bait, double ended swivles and just a couple of weights. The first day we went last last year I pulled out 4 and 7.5 pounders and my buddy pulled out an 8 and one that was almost pushing 10. If you want a map and some more information on the fishing pattern let me know.


Only the last 1\4 km is rough. It has a steep section off the main road that leads to the campsite. Were talking some rough sections with some exposed bolders nothing too serious. I took my tent trailer down to the camp site so it's not that bad.

Wishing everyone tight lines and tons of fish.

mcs a map would be great. i usually follow dorections until about plan C and i cant remember the original route and switch it to plan F(uck it i'm making my own route) so having an actual map would be WONDERFUL

AND COOL if a tent trailer can make it down that road, i bet my car can make it.
bass master 99

Ya a map would be awsome.Some family friends and I stay at lakeside campsite in Oliver every year(tuc-el-muit lake) and are looking for a day trip that has a bit better fishing than tuc el nuit. We've tried madden and vaseax and are going to try ripley and a day trip to hidden and maybe sawmill. Any other lakes to be known in that whole area would be great.

sorry if i have caused any confusion, the Island lake that i talking about is the one close to Ashcroft not the one between Merrit and Kelowna.

Fishing forum > speaking of big fish...


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